Montpellier and its surroundings: Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, Frontignan, Marseillan beach, Valras… are famous for their spots with ideal conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing… But it happens that the tramontane is not there (like at the moment) ! But if, as for us, the call of the water is too important – then we’ll take on new challenges!

Wakeboarding, the ideal fallback solution when kite or windsurfing are not in the spotlight! Indeed, this sport allows you to improve your kite skills, such as waterstarts, your position for upwind, pop for your jumps and tricks like 180° and all types of support transfers. We have selected for you the wake spots within a 100km radius around Montpellier: 

For wakeboarding behind a boat:

L’Effet Kiteschool in Palavas-Les-Flots

You probably already know the kite school, but did you know that they also offer wakeboarding towed by a boat?

Wake lessons take place in the morning, on the sea side in front of Palavas and last 2 hours for 4 people.

These instructors, specialized in kitesurfing, will be able to guide you with personalized advice and allow you to work on the elements of kitesurfing and discover new sensations. 

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Ride Academy by Seb Garat at Pérols

Ride Academy founded by the multiple World Kite Champion also offers you initiations to the wake towed by boat.

Thanks to their state of the art equipment, this is an opportunity to learn how to ride on all types of boards used in kiting: Twin Tip, Surf Strapless (without straps), Foil and Foil Strapless.

Ponant Water Glisse at La Grande-Motte

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Tiki Center in Frontignan

Tiki Center is a Kite, Wingsurf, Stand Up Paddle, Foil and Wake school located in Frontignan. They offer wakeboarding lessons from 50 euros towed by a boat. Music on board, atmosphere guaranteed!

You will be able to be towed on different types of boards for even more challenge:
Twintip, to perfect your kite jumping tricks, pass the wave;
Surf, without a strap to work on your support and train your Strapless;
Tiki, fun guaranteed with this long versatile wooden board, for a smoother glide;
Foil, to take off over the water and start kiting more easily afterwards.

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Camargue Paradise at Aigues-Mortes

Camargue Paradise is a water skiing and wakeboarding school located at Domaine du Petit Chaumont in Aigues-Mortes, a small corner of nature only 30 minutes from Montpellier.

Guillaume Pomès teaches you the basics of wakeboarding but also wakeskate and wakesurf behind a specialized boat. The perfect place to combine sport and relaxation with a terrace that gives you a view of the whole lake!

Contact Camargue Paradise here to book your session and take a 360° tour of the spot.

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To do cable wakeboarding:

Glisse & Kite in Saint-Pierre-la-Mer

The Glisse & Kite spot is equipped with a bi-pulley ski lift, that is a round trip, perfect for beginners. You are alone on the park, piloted by an instructor.

The line measures 225 meters, it’s the second longest in France!

Discover new possibilities with the modules :
– 2 kickers to train for jumps, rotations…
– 1 transfer, composed of a box and a second part raised for more challenge. Objective, jump from the box to land on the roof in “transfer”.

Kithau in Marseillan

Kithau is also a 2 towers ski lift, a return trip of the Sesitec brand. The spot offers 15 minutes non-stop sessions on the water and is equipped with various modules, including kickers that will allow you to improve your rotations, tricks… The instructor manages the speed of the cable, so it’s ideal to progress! 

Urban Wake Up in Alès

Urban Wake Up is like the two previous ones a 2-towers water ski lift. It is located in Alès Plage, open only in summer time and allows you to discover wakeboard or wakeskate from only 15 euros!

The wake park consists of two kickers, one in each direction and a box.

The spot is easily accessible by bus, with Zenbus! 

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Urban Wake Park in Le Pontet

The Urban Wake Park spot consists of 2-towers for 2 lines at different levels equipped with various modules from the Unit Parktech brand, one of the best on the market! 

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The “small line” is composed of 5 modules to progress in complete safety:
– A Grom Table
– A Pro Rail
– An Up Rail Wall
Two kickers, one small and one medium

wakeboard montpellier

The “big line” for intermediate and experienced riders is positioned higher up with a blocking area set up for Air Tricks. The modules of the line:
– a signature module of the rider Steffen Vollert.
– a rooftop funbox rail system
– one spine kicker medium
– and a flat down ledge pyramid

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Wam Park Orange in Piolenc

Unlike the previous water ski lifts, Wam Park Orange has a full-size, ie with 5 pylons which therefore makes a complete turn! The leisure center is located in the heart of Vaucluse, 10 km from the town of Orange.
But the lake is also equipped with a bi-pulley. Which is perfect for beginners before going on the big cable. For even more sensations, you will find on the wakepark:
– four kickers, 2 small and 2 medium;
– one diamond, new module with many possibilities;
– a large box;
– an up rail;
– one flat bar;
– a rounded rainbow, flat bar;
– also a wave, box with several levels;
– and a signature module from pro rider Dominik Hernler!

wakeboard montpellier

And if you want to try your hand at wakeboarding on a larger water ski lift, i.e. full-size with 5 towers, then you’ll have to exceed the 100km mark to go to the Barcarès Water Ski Lift!

There you have the keys in hand for a new activity when the wind is not there! Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us!