It’s new, it’s huge and it’s American, the USA Water Sports Complex project is totally crazy !

From the floating stage to the huge wakepark “Elite Cable Park”, the project should look like a huge water sports temple! From the past to the future, from the first athletes to connected experiences…. This new spot should become a real water sports museum, even sports generally, but especially for everyone !

from USA-WWF on Vimeo.


from USA-WWF on Vimeo.

USA Water Sports Complex it’s :

  • hotels;
  • a lake for water skiing / wakeboarding /wakesurfing;
  • a giant full-size cable park “Elite Cable Park”;
  • a bar and pro shop on the waterside;
  • a Mastercraft rooftop;
  • a floating stage;
  • a walk around the lake;
  • an aquapark;
  • a surf park/wave pool;
  • a structure adapted to disabled people so that everyone can enjoy this incredible spot;
  • 9 baseball fields;
  • 11 soccer fields;
  • 3 football fields.

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