Would you like to win more than €200 in gifts? With our Unleashed Your Ride competition organized with our partner Unleashed, it’s quite simple! We explain everything about this photo competition which brings together all the players in the world of wake…


We know, this is what interests you the most! Without further ado, here is what you can win with Unleashed Your Ride:

  • €100 of Spotycredits credited to the winner’s account, to be used on SpotyRide very soon!
  • A check with a local value of €100
  • A super mystery prize worth between €200 and €600. We won’t tell you any more, follow Unleashed on social networks and you’ll know everything soon enough 😉

Tell yourself that to win all this, you have almost nothing to do, just let your creativity speak!


Who, where, how?

Everyone has the right to participate, regardless of your age, your wake level or your photography skills! Just follow these three steps and you can compete:

PUBLISH a wake photo (wakeboard/wakeskate/wakesurf) on Facebook or Instagram

ADD the hashtag #UnleashedYourRide to your photo (Note: Unleashed Your Ride)

LIKE the Spotyride page if you post your photo on Facebook or the @spotyride account if you post your photo on Instagram

As this game takes place internationally, three zones have been demarcated: North/South America, Europe/Africa and Asia/Oceania. These areas were chosen so that each continent could have winners and obtain rewards.

But I see your globetrotting question coming: I live in France and I took a photo in the Philippines, what zone am I in?? In fact, you can take photos from anywhere in the world and as many times as you want, you will automatically be admitted to an area based on your Facebook or Instagram account information.


With Unleashed Your Ride, creativity is in the spotlight! We have chosen three categories so that you can fully express your talents as a rider and photographer.

First up is the Best Trickcategory which highlights waking in its purest form! We trust you to send it heavy with maximum style…

Secondly, the Spot category, dear to our partner Spotyride, where you can capture the moment when you are in total communion with your decor.

Third and since there is something for everyone, we chose the Unusual/Favorite category. The goal here is clearly for you to amaze us, make us laugh or surprise us, we leave you the choice of how you are going to go about it, no constraints!

For information, in each zone there will be one winner per category. They will each win €100 and 100 Spotycredits. The super prize will be won, by zone, by the overall winners, meaning that among the three winners of the previous categories, the jury will choose one per zone and award them the super prize. If you understood correctly, there will be a total of 12 Unleashed Your Ride winners!


The process

To understand how the challenge unfolds, we’ll give you the schedule here:

August 1 to August 18 midnight = Sharing community photos on social networks.

August 19 to August 21 midnight = Pre-selection of the best photos by the juries.

August 22 to August 26 = Publication by SpotyRide of the photos selected by the jury.

August 22 to August 31 = Community vote through engagement on social media.

September 1 = Countdown and Announcement of the 9 winners.

September 1 to September 4 = Jury vote for Overall winners

September 5 = Overall winners announced

The juries

We discussed the fact that amateurs, spots and brands were an integral part of the challenge, but professional riders in all of that?? We decided to give them power by including them in the competition jury. For each zone, one or more professional riders will be a member of the jury and will judge the photos to make a pre-selection.

It is therefore the professionals who will judge the participants! Maybe your photo will be shortlisted by Daniel Grant or Dominik Hernler… These professionals will be the ones to judge the Best Trick and Unusual categories. The Spot category will be judged by the professionals of the Spotyride team, naturally.

Finally, the final jury is… you! After the pre-selection made by the two juries, the selected photos will be re-shared on Spotyride and it will be the community which will decide the Best Trick, Spot and Unusual winners!The Overall winner will be chosen by the professional juries.

We will come back to you at that time to tell you how, in the meantime take your time to take the best photos and share them on your social networks!



Sharing until August 18

There you go, now that you know everything about the organization of the Unleashed Your Ride competition, share your photos until August 18 and we’ll meet up on social networks, which we’ll be busy with during the month of August.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly on Facebook and if you would like to read the competition rules, it’s here: Unleashed Your Ride 2019 Competition Regulations

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