Travel Tips

Today we meet to give you some advice when you travel. First of all we will start with Thailand. Here are some Thai words that will allow you to travel in peace:

Farang is the term used to refer to Western foreigners. Get used to it because this word will come back to you often during your trip.

Today Farangset is only used to designate the French as Inglik for the English or Jélémane for the Germans for example.



Saurat dii Khrap (if you are male)

Saurat dii Khaa (if you are female)

To greet people is not the same as in France. We don’t shake hands, we don’t kiss each other. We use the WAI to greet, thank or show respect.

The WAI consists of 3 movements:


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How the WAI is going to be will depend on who you are talking to. As visitors the WAI in 3 movements will suffice.

Thank you:

Khop Khoum Khrap (for men)

Khop Khoum Khraa (for women)

Thank you very much: Khop khoune mak

Me or I: channe

You: Kouwne

He/She/They/Them: Khao

You: Kounne

We: Kao

I would like: Ao

I don’t want: May ao

To say a lot we add MAK at the end of the sentence.

Example: Pretty: dirty –> very pretty: souaille mak

Delicious: Aroille

Not serious/No problem: Penne raille stitch

How are you? Koune sabaille dii mesh?

I’m fine thank you: Phom (chane) sabaille dii, kop koune

I’m not well: Phom (chain) sabaille mesh

What is your name? Koume chuu araille?

My name is ..: Phom (chane) chuu

How old are you? Ayouu taoraille

Who? Krail?

What? Araille?

What’s going on? Mii araille?

How? Yang naille?

When? Mua laughs?

Where? Thi naille?

I understand: Khrao djaille

I don’t understand: Khrao djaille knit

Pardon: Ko thôôte

I can speak a little Thai: Phom poute passed Thai mite moelle

How do you say that in Thai? Passed Thai poute yang ngaille?

What is it? Ni kuu araille?

Good luck: Chok dii


The Thai numbers:

0: Sound

1: Nung

2: Song

3: Sam

4: Sii

5: Kaa

6: Hok

7: Throw

8: Paette

9: Kao

10: Sip



Monday: Wan Djan

Tuesday: Wan Anaghan

Wednesday: Wan Phout

Thursday: Wan Praruhat

Friday: Wan Souk

Saturday: Wan Sao

Sunday: Wan Athit



January: Mokara Khom

February: Koum Pha Phan

March: Miinaa Khom

April: Meesaa Yon

May: Phrutsapaa Khom

June: Mithounaa Yon

July: Karakadaa Khom

August: Singhaa Khom

September: Kanyaa Yon

October: Tulaa Khom

November: Phrutsa Ji Kaa Yon

December: Thanwaa Khom

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