Company history

Spotyride’s story: Once upon a time in a world where social networks, internet and global digital were at their peak. Water sports enthusiasts no longer knew how to access their favourite structures. This is why Spotyride was born in 2018. The goal was to stand out from any competition and create the Application to make these water enthusiasts dream. During the creation of this application the idea of mixing user and practitioners was deepened. The goal was to create an application that would be used to geolocate favorite sports watersports, but also to accompany the structures in their digital transformation. Indeed, the world is moving very quickly to our time. In addition, the managers of structures do not have the time to devote themselves to the creation of websites, to update social networks, or simply to manage their structures via networks. This is where Spotyride gathers everything in its S.A.A.S module ( Solution As A Service). A nice recipe that allows structures to access a personalized page dedicated to them, they can update this page, photos, videos, rates, reservations, events and many other things, and create a community in time reissued. But also to allow customers to receive notifications from each modified nautical base, but also to book their session, or several sessions.
It’s gone now everyone will use Spotyride as an indispensable element in their daily life.

Founders portraits

Spotyride is created by Sophie Combettes Sirech and Philippe Sirech. The two founders are specialists in their field with very complementary backgrounds

Portrait of Sophie Combettes Sirech (CEO)

After a scientific baccalaureate, Sophie passes a DUT management of companies and administrations (option finance-accounting) then studies in business school with a specialization in industrial management and total quality management.

She then began her career as a project management consultant in a Parisian consulting firm. For 6 years, she worked on major projects within large public or private groups such as DGA, RATP or GEC Alsthom. Then she joined SFR and worked on the development of 2G, 3G and 4G networks at different levels of responsibility: network marketing manager, program manager and finally production director within the South Operational Department in Lyon.

After successfully leading the development of 4G in Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and Montpellier, she decided to start a new adventure by returning to school for 9 months in the United States. Finally, she stays there 4 years thanks to the O1 visa obtained through her husband who holds international titles in wakeboarding and has led in this field many national & international initiatives.

Together, for 3 years, they travel a lot as part of Philippe’s activities related to water sports, and carefully follow the rapid developments in the field of digital and uses.

It is this experience that will give them the inspiration for the Spotyride concept.

histoire-de-spotyride-Phil_Philippines -

Portrait of Philippe Sirech (COO)

  • 25 years of wakeboard experience, founder and president of the AFW (Association Française de Wakeboard) in 2000, which became WWA France (World Wakeboard Association) in 2009;
  • Publisher of Unleashed Wake Mag, the only international wakeboard magazine (+ 19 years of existence) and more recently the French edition;
  • Manager of communication agency specializing in sliding, event organizer (Gliss and Mix Orangina Grand Palais ).


Unleashed Wake Mag is now an international and 90% French edition dedicated to wake news in France and + 3 million readers. It has a website, a Facebook page, Instagram accounts, Snapchat, Twitter, and a Youtube channel.

Passionate about sport and especially about sliding, Philippe has more than 25 years of experience in the world of sliding. This former wakeboard world champion and former manager of the France wakeboard cable team has developed a network and legitimacy as an active player in the development of wakeboard in France, Europe and the world: discovery and promotion of the champions of today and tomorrow, designer of cable parks, support in the assembly of financial and technical files…

Privileged interlocutor with the executive of the Core/ manufacturers brands as well as European importers, member of the WSIA and Eurosima, Philippe has a good knowledge of the federation environment (FFSNW) and its President Patrice Martin.

The geness of this great adventure


Over the past 20 years, Philippe has seen growth in the boardsports market with:

  • More and more players in the nautical industry (Liquid Force, Ronix, Humanoid, Picture…);
  • More and more practitioners, very active communities, hyper-used social networks to share videos & photos, results… ;
  • Material and equipment accessible by the greatest number of people promoting the development and democratization of sports…;

• The birth of new sports activities: paddle, wakeboard, wakeskate, wakesurf, kitesurf, foil…

Sophie, the project’s marketer and “expert” in the evolution of use with new technologies in the telecommunications sector, noticed during the same period unprecedented changes that have a certain impact on the uses and behaviours of all:

  • The democratization of different means of transport (plane, train, car…) allowing faster travel and access to remote destinations;
  • Changing attitudes and time spent on physical and mental well-being, community/tribal development;
  • The expansion of the Internet and digital, which offers new services such as booking and the explosion of new uses «Uberization», «airbnbisation»…;
  • The need to access information everywhere.

“There is a real disconnect between the ever-growing market for sliding sports, with more and more riders and equipment evolving, and practice venues struggling to adapt to these new uses.”


Sophie and Philippe have experienced this themselves during their travels: it is very difficult to easily find nautical spots all over the world and to be informed of events.

SPOTYRIDE  : the digital solution of all the good gliding spots ans tje best aquatic ans nautical activities in your pocket

ou want to organize a canoe trip with your family, offer you a wakeboard run with your friends, surf the most beautiful wave at the sunset, find a diving club on your holiday place or even give an e-foil experience to your friend who is getting married in a few days?

Save time: take out your smartphone, tablet, computer… download the Spotyride app or visit!

In 2 clicks and 1 glance you will know where to go paddling, rowing, swimming, diving, surfing, riding! Pull out your best boardshorts or bikini (don’t forget towel and sunscreen!).

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your desire for water and water sports, your level, your age… you will find the right spot, the best activity, the right club everything is our unique platform in the world.

Book or contact directly more than 2500 Water Sports structures

By integrating new practices such as foil (e-foil, wing foil, wind foil), the start-up confirms its expertise in sailing.

Through the mobile application and the website, users can:

  • Geolocate the spots;
  • Identify the different activities;
  • Discover offers and/or book with 2000 nautical structures;
  • Stay informed about their favorite spots, their news, their events.

Spotyride thus connects, in a few clicks, the practitioner and the host organization. Spots, schools, shops, events and news: travelers immediately find all the answers to their needs.

“We facilitate the discovery and access to all water activities. This allows holidaymakers to spend more time in nature, experience new sensations and take action to protect the environment.”

 A 360° innovation that simplifies the lives of water sports enthusiasts

Spotyride is a “made in France” solution that connects practitioners and water sports and leisure facilities through:

• The contact form (request for information, quotes…);

• Online booking directly with structures (overview on spot/structure/school/pro);

• Information relay: photo, video, interview.


Practitioners who do not find an activity in a given area can contact the Spotyride Dream Team. She will look for the pros who can respond to their requests and make personalized recommendations.


Since May 2021, the 400,000 Connected Spotyriders have the opportunity to earn Spotycoins through their activity bookings and online product purchases.

They can access a catalogue of gifts to discover new sensations, enjoy products dedicated to the practice of nautical activities, and try new brands.

Outdoor sports to discover and protect the beauty of natural sites


Sliding sports are nature sports par excellence. They make practitioners aware of the preservation of habitats and natural areas encountered.

Their impact on the environment is particularly low and the majority of practices referenced on Spotyride have no carbon footprint:

Wind surfing, surfing, sailing or encorel ekitesurf are practiced by playing on the forces of nature: the wind and the sea
Canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding offer an immersion in nature, with boats and a paddle system to respect the open sites. Spotyride is also a great way to find exceptional spots and supervisors who have at heart to share their knowledge on the environment, fauna and flora, to raise awareness and enhance spaces.

“When water sport becomes the medium of a coastal, river and lake discovery activity, it is much easier to explain the issues surrounding these magical places of practice. The aim is to match the protection needs of the sites and meet the demand of practitioners.”

Sophie Combettes Sirech


Démocratize the inaccessible

Today Spotyride aims to promote transversality in the practice of water sports and leisure. We forget the tribal tendencies to have fun with family and friends, regardless of age or gender.

A new generation and agile solution for commercial structures in water sports ans leisure


Sliding sports are nature sports par excellence. They make practitioners aware of the preservation of habitats and natural areas encountered.

More freedom, flexibility and performance with 5G

With the deployment of very high speed and 5G, everything will accelerate: riders and practitioners will be on the right spots in record time!

Spotyride anticipated this technological (r)evolution. Soon new features will enrich the platform for a maximum user experience: info, weather, traffic spots in real time, connected objects, 360° video, HD, geolocation even more precise…


  • Created in 2018;
  • 2,500 spots referenced around the world to date;
  • +75,000 unique visitors to the platform per month.
  • more than 500,000 Spotyrideurs connected to date


  • 120,000+ structures worldwide
  • + 10,000 pro shops;
  • + 45 million practitioners.
  • Growth of 10% each year thanks to the arrival of new practices (wakeboard, foil, wings…).
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