The E-foil, Marine tested for you at NoWave the spot near Poitiers!

Flying over water is no longer a dream, and Marine from the Spotyteam demonstrates it to you

The E-foil accessible to all is possible, and we sent marine from the spotyteam to show us this new spot at NoWave le spot a very young company which has just put down its suitcases at next to Poitiers and its famous Futuroscope

After only a few minutes of explanation in the dry it’s time to jump into the water to see how our E-foil (electric foil) behaves on the liquid element…

E-foil Techniques to get started

  1. The lying position

  2. The kneeling position

  3. The standing position


-So we are going to start with position 1, lying down which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the throttle. In this position the practitioner is close to the water so it allows him not to have the feeling of losing balance in order to become familiar with the controls, and to focus only on this objective without having to think about the rest that will come in a second time…

After a few minutes of learning about acceleration and slowing down, we will be able to go through the kneeling position which will allow us to start working on our balance on the board and especially our front-to-back positioning in order to start to have the first feeling of flight.

It is by playing on its position and on the throttle that you can go from the sliding position of the board to the flight position and find yourself on the Foil (Underwater Wing) which is aptly named in this case. the !

Once you are comfortable with the management of the throttle and the transfer of support to get on the Foil, you can try in standing position in order to really feel the “flight” effect or the fact of going from gliding to flying thanks to the E-foil.

All its steps will only take a few minutes for the best, perhaps several sessions for the less seasoned, but the failure rate is really very close to zero% because it is super accessible to everyone thanks to the handles put on the board to get off to a good start.


To learn more about the E-foil from PWR foil a French Brand


E-foil pwr-foil-spotymag


It is not only a question of manufacturing an electric foil, it is also and above all a question of manufacturing it in France, of betting on local knowledge and skills. Passion, perseverance, skills, professionalism have made it possible to achieve this dream. The engineering is 100% French. Our Research & Development is constantly improving our machines to always be ahead of the curve in terms of technology, IT, connections, hydraulic electricity… The batteries are created in our region, guaranteeing exceptional French quality. Assembly and after-sales service are fully provided at our production site.

All this allows us to reduce our carbon footprint on a daily basis and to offer you a high quality product.



E-foil-at-Lac-de-Saint-Cyr-near-the-Futuroscope-with-NoWace- le-Spot-spotyrideLearn more about “NOWAVE le Spot”

Flying on the water at Lake Saint-Cyr, near Futuroscope!

Come and live a unique experience: glide, take off and even hover up to 80 cm above the water. Lying down, kneeling or standing on a “made in France” board, thanks to the efoil you will discover a new feeling of freedom and lightness, in complete safety.

Very accessible: you don’t need to be a surfer or practice water sports, just love the water and want to live a new adventure!Whether you come alone, with friends, with family, in a group, you will love discovering the activity… We are even ready to bet that you will want to come back!

Yes, surfing in Vienne is now possible!


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