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A concept “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”

Surfboard enthusiasts and committed to sustainable development, two materials technicians: Anthony Hervelin and Jimmy Boissonot, have developed an alternative to the classic surfboard. Squid Surfboards, manufactures from A to Z, markets and distributes eco-responsible surfboards, entirely designed on French territory. Their objective ? Raise awareness among young surfers about protecting the ocean.

Surfing and problems

The Squid Surfboards adventure began in 2021, when a major problem arose to question these two enthusiasts: How to reduce the impact of surfing industry on the environment? It turns out that currently the materials used in making a surfboard are very harmful. The majority of them are 90% made from petrochemical raw materials, are not of European origin and are non-recyclable. This is why a very original and innovative solution was provided by these two young partners.

An eco-responsible craft project

Thus, their objective was to develop more responsible consumption, combining performance, quality and reasonable price. But under what condition? Be accessible to all!

To revolutionize the classic surfboard, Squid Surfboards makes its boards from a very special foam. Made from recycled plastic bottles and combined with a bio-sourced resin, this foam is a real technical feat. Guaranteed recycled and recyclable, the combination of these materials requires unique know-how, exclusively available in their workshop. In addition, scraps are recovered and recycled, to give life to coffee tables or beanbag chairs.

Fabrication artisanale
Confection planche de surf
Ponçage planche de surf

A controlled and committed process

Moreover, the eco-responsible surfboard from Squid Surfboards is designed in an equally green environment. In fact, their artisanal manufacturing is fully optimized and takes care of repairs and recovery of used boards. This concept ultimately gave rise to the first recycling sector adapted to surfboards in France.

Finally, Anthony Hervelin and Jimmy Boissonnot developed a revolutionary technological innovation. They limit waste, CO2 emissions and promote the revaluation of surfboards. Thus, together they represent the precursors of sustainable development in the world of surfing. And maybe even, in the near future, nautical activities?

Do you also want to test the latest eco-responsible board from Squid Sufboards? Find them in the following link: