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From Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 April 2019 was held the 2019 Reunion Island Masters, a water skiing competition that brought together the sport’s world elite. 2 days of water skiing competition on the shores of the Saint-Paul pond. Organized by the Saint-Paul ski club, on a 20-second course, each athlete must perform between ten and twelve tricks.

Martin Kolman took first place in the men’s category, while Giannina Bonnemann took first place in the women’s category.

Men’s results:
1- Kolman Martin (10,380 points)
2 – Bordier Lindsay (9,880 points)
3 – Plytas Iliadis Nikolaos (9,360 points)
4 – Fortamps Olivier (8,930 points)
5 – Anguenot Leo (8,570 points)


Women’s results:
1- Bonnemann Giannina (7,640 points)
2- Phily Laura (7,120 points)
3- Anguenot Inès (5,040 points)


In view of the success of the first edition of this event, the idea of a second edition is already emerging. So we hope to see you next year!

We spoke with Ines Anguenot who told us about her feedback from the event:

It was my first competition with the world’ best figurists, in addition to a magnificent site and with many spectators.
It was a really great experience, and it only makes me want to go back. I was really happy to be part of an event like this.

There was a great atmosphere, water skiing is a sport where we all know each other it’s like a big family !

Reunion Island Masters 2019

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