Porsche On Board Italia, the new water sports initiative not to be missed!

As you know, Porsche is a champion in sports. Golf, tennis, its breaking records ! But new year, new initiatives. From land to sea, here is the new ambition of the giant car manufacturer. With Porsche On Board Italia, the company hopes to keep its tittle !

An event of sports and innovations

The competition gathered four events with following water sports : sailing, surfing (hydrofoil), windsurfing and stand up paddle.

As you get it, there will be many water sports. But not only, the company have added innovations. In fact, participants will be able to use GPS to monitor their performances and share results. Indeed, participants will be able to improve fastly.

Porsche credit

Porsche is welcoming everyone

All around the Porsche On Board village, you will find the latest equipment ready for testing ! The event is intended to be accessible to everyone, both beginners and more experienced.

In addition, you can try the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and Cayenne. Tempting, isn’t it? Find all details on the article : Porsche Italia presents new water sports initiative

When and Where ?

The final will take place in Stagnone, Sicily, on September 20. Participation is free and open to all water sports enthusiasts and athletes. Find all the latest news on water sports events on our Spotymag.

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Porsche On Board Italia – the brand’s first water sports event