Pool-On is a company created by enthusiasts people . Their goal ? Make swimming ever more attractive and entertaining with a removable underwater video projector.

An innovation that will change the world of swimming. Today we want to talk about this company and their technology that will interest you or at least catch your attention.

The Pool-On Hystory

It all started in the summer of 2021 when Matthieu, an entrepreneur and former high-level swimmer, and Gwénaël, an intrapreneur from the world of finance and insurance, had the idea of Pool-On.

Knowing the world of swimming, they wanted to shake up the world of pools. We all went to the swimming pool, and when we practice the crawl, the butterfly,… we all have a view of the bottom of the pool which is only made up of tiles. What if you could see jellyfish at the bottom? Follow another marine animal? Flying over a lagoon? Or maybe track your time for a lap?

They therefore want to digitize swimming pools in order to bring them into a new dimension.

To carry out this project successfully, Matthieu and Gwénaël add Alain Bernard who brings knowledge of the ecosystem of swimming pools. They then surround themselves with a team of engineers specializing in optronics, ie setting up a system that combines optics and electronics.
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Make swimming more attractive with Pool-On

With Pool-On you will swim differently! This technology allows everyone to escape, have fun, challenge themselves, progress, learn, … thanks to these immersed and connected video projectors.
The bottom of the pool will become a real screen. You will only have to choose one of the contents of the catalog.

All this is possible thanks to a patented removable plug&play underwater video projector system.

The underwater video projector can be installed quickly, without the need to carry out any work. To control it, nothing could be simpler thanks to its dedicated interface.
Pool-On masters all the technical issues related to immersion: optics, power supply, sealing, heat, pressure and fixing.

Pools will now be interactive and swimming will be more fun!

The three innovations used

This innovative product is based on three innovations:
1. Technological innovation with an underwater video projector.
2. Innovation in use since Pool-On makes it possible to digitize the pools and this makes people want to learn and progress.
3. And an educational innovation with the creation of learning paths.

projecteur de la marque pool-on

The contents of the Pool-On catalog

Even today, the Pool-On company develops content. Their goal is to offer educational content dedicated to learning, rehabilitation or even performance.
The swimmer chooses what he wants to see at the bottom of the pool. For example, why not follow a marine animal? Feel like swimming with a dolphin?

The catalog is still enriched. You will find immersive films, educational content, or even specific training. Here are the seven different contents:
1. Learn
Allow the little ones to learn to swim with confidence, increase everyone’s swimming time during a swimming lesson.

2. Have fun
Have fun in the water as a family by viewing games at the bottom of the pool.

3. Progress
What could be better than having programs to improve practice and support rehabilitation. This content is suitable for everyone.

4. Perform
With this content you will be able to challenge yourself. A way also to animate all training sessions.

5. Escape
No longer having the feeling of lining up lengths, living a unique experience with each swim.

6. Raise awareness
Make everyone aware of the challenges of protecting marine ecosystems.

7. Initiate
Introduce a disabled public to swimming.

contenus disponibles pour pool-on

Interested by the experience?

If you want to know more about Pool-On, the technology, the possibilities, the different contents: click here.