Tout know in 2 minutes: The safety of our traveling companions on a boat at sea or in fresh water!


Many of us have a four-legged friend. But when you are passionate about riding and own a boat, surfboard, e-foil or other equipment, it is not always easy to “leave” them at home, even for a short time. .

When you love water sports and animals, what precautions should you take to take them with you?

As you probably already know, navigating with these pets requires a certain organization so that it is pleasant for them, like us.

First of all, you should know that your traveling companions can also get seasick or even be afraid. The ideal is to take them from an early age to get them used to this new environment.

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On a boat, good practices:

Remember to leave a bowl of water at the back of the boat and another where he will sleep. As for food, you should know that kibble is very sensitive to humidity. In order to preserve them you will therefore have to store them in a waterproof box.


Regarding the needs of our traveling companions, if it is a cat, you can simply take its litter box.

For a dog, if it is a short cruise, you can take it before and after the stopover. On the other hand, for long excursions it will be more complicated. You will have to teach him to always position himself in the same place. You can opt for a piece of synthetic grass.


The safety of your traveling companions on a boat:

As with children, watch your pets and provide a net on the lifelines on a boat.

You can also plan to put a harness and a life jacket on them, which will be mandatory on a board!


Now that you know the main thing, enjoy and have a good trip!

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