The Néocean principle

Neocean, offers you the creation of the Overboat. A French start-up that built the Overboat in France to optimize quality, reliability and maintainability. First 100% electric, silent and environmentally conscious catamaran boat with a new way of sailing that will give you the feeling of flying on the water. The Overboat is an exceptional boat, without a licence, with incredible comfort. Incomparable, this boat is both clean and equipped with the latest technologies in automated foils and electric propulsion. Practical and light, several models have been created by Néocean. Many things remain to be discovered about this famous innovation!

The design of Overboats

So how is this gliding revolution conceived?

This catamaran measuring almost 3 meters long is what is called the electric scooter. Indeed, the Overboat was designed under three innovations:

  • A very efficient and lightweight electric motor that will propel the boat without polluting and without making noise.
  • Foils that will lift the boat and allow it to glide through the water while saving four times the energy consumed.
  • On-board electronic system that will control the foils and the direction of the boat. This will allow a perfect glide over the water.

You will therefore have understood it, the flying boat! With a seat about 1 meter above the water, an engine without a licence, light and a speed of nearly 30 km/h, the sensations are guaranteed. By using this system of foils which lift the boat, the use of the device on the water is eco-responsible because it reduces pollution. Indeed, this will therefore protect marine fauna. The Overboat has many advantages that will allow you to navigate in complete safety:

  • It is very accessible: that is to say that it has sensors and an electronic computer that regulates the foils 100 times per second.
  • It is suitable for both professionals and private individuals: With its different models and its license-free engine, the Overboat is accessible to rental companies, hotels, private individuals, surveillance at sea…
  • Energy efficient: it consumes 10 times less than a combustion engine boat.
  • Navigation respectful of the marine environment: it emitted no CO2 and made no harmful noise for local residents and underwater fauna.

The different models

  • Without license
  • 28 km/h maximum
  • Autonomy: 2h

  • Boat license
  • 37 km/h maximum
  • Autonomy: 2h

  • Without license
  • 22 km/h maximum
  • Autonomy: 2h


  • Without license
  • 22 km/h maximum
  • Autonomy: 3h
  • catamaran électrique sur foil Overboat
    Voler sur l'eau avce l'overboat

    Where to go Overboat?

    The Overboat activity is developing everywhere in France, however, it is not available everywhere. In Carnon and Palavas, they have already adopted this new nautical activity!

    Foil sensation

    You now know everything about the Overboat! Get started in this new nautical hobby that will not disappoint you. ⚓️

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