Interview of Emmanuelle JOLY, surfer with an incredible record

The Spotymag had the opportunity to interview Emmanuelle in order to introduce you this woman with multiple medals. We were able to ask some questions to know her in more detail, and here are her answers!

Member of the French Surf Team since 1991 and first professional French surf team, ranked top 20 (14th world WCT), Emmanuelle is considered as the most titled French.

A quick introduction?

My name is Emmanuelle Joly, I live in the Basque Country and I am a professional surfer. I was 6 times European champion, 4 times French champion, I got 4th place in the world championships and 14th in the pros. Finally, I am the only French woman to win a 5-star WQS race. After a career as a competitor, I reconverted while remaining in the field of my passion, and I am currently a surf coach.

Where did your passion for surfing come from?

I have always been passionate about the ocean. As a sailing enthusiast being younger and living in best European spots, it is quite natural that I turned to surfing. I was also very sporty, which helped me a lot in my debut. I bought my first board in the only surf shop in the area, an integral to a tourist surfer on the beach, and since then I never stopped.



What is your best memory as a surfer?

I have a lot, victories, trips, sessions with those I love. I am fortunate and privileged to be able to share my passion for surfing with my children and husband.

We saw on your Linkedin that you practice coaching and you confirmed it to us above. Can you tell us more about it?

I offer my services a a surf coach since approximately 10 years. I have a high-end service with support from the clients homes. In addition, I also offer accompaniment on surf trips abroad.

Do you have an idol or model in the world of surfing?

I like to take inspiration from Sally FITZGIBBONS and of course from Stéphanie GILMORE. I prefer to watch girls in general because it’s closer to my surfing. This is important because it allows me to constantly compare and progress.

Do you have a surfing partner?

Petrochem Energy has been following me and my daughter since many years. Without them, Uhaina could not engage herself on the professional circuit because of the expenses (travel, accommodation, registration, coaching…) which are very high. 

Picture organic Clothing also accompanies me and team me, as well as Coolshoe and Nixon.

As a woman, what message would you like to convey to young girls who want to go surfing?

Do not hesitate to throw yourself in the water and not necessarily on longboard, in order to have the opportunity to surf any type of waves, in any type of conditions. Surfing is a sport of nature, invigorating, which can be practiced with friends or family. Once you begin it, it’s a drug, a lifestyle that motivates you to keep that quality of life. 

What is the best wave you’ve had the chance to surf?

The waves at home! Otherwise I love Australia for its lifestyle but also Maldives for the quality of waves and its warm translucent water.



Finally, what does surfing bring to your everyday life?

It’s about fulfillment, quite simply.

It is on these words that the interview ends. 

The Spotyteam thanks Emmanuelle again for accepting our interview!

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