Maxime Roux Pro Wakeboarder from France

Maxime is 15 years old  french pro wakeboarder , member of the French wakeboard team his leitmotiv is riding everyday to be the best of the world …

If you could have a session with anyone, who would it be?

I already had the opportunity to ride with Daniel Grant in Geneva, Switzerland.
I would really enjoy a session with Massi Piffa! I’ve met him several times at the European Championships, but never for a session. Maybe it will be possible in the near future, Italia and France are not so far.

Tell us a bit about your home spot:

My two home spots are cable and boat. I take lot of pleasure in both places, thanks to the staff and my friends.
TNG Wakepark is a nice six tower cable. Obstacles are cool, two big kickers, rails and sliders. Wonderful spot for airtricks too. Riding is a pleasure, and after riding too, thanks to nice place. My boat home spot is in a river. It always has nice flat water. I ride behind a heavy Air Nautique 210, with the maximum load that the engine can support. I like the wake even if it’s smaller than boats used in competition.

Do you always ride alone?

I often ride alone in boat. My daddy coaches me, and drives the boat. And sometime I train with the French team and it’s a real pleasure to meet my friends!
At the wakepark in France, I know a lot of riders. Usually, I meet a friend and we spend the session together in order to find motivation to attempt new tricks!

What Wakeboard or Snowboard LEGEND do you admire?

Legend? Do you mean an old rider?
I am a fan of Danny Harf. He won the X-games several times and he is still a good rider today!

What are your goals for 2019?

The Boat World Championships! I’m still under 16, and I train hard to perform well at this event.
I was 6th in 2015 with a poor run compared to what I am capable of doing today. So I hope my result will be better, even if I am aware that other young riders have seriously improved their level as well.


Interview from Unleashed Wake Mag

Maxime roux In figures

*World champion  U14 Boat  2018 Argentina

*European  wakeboard pro tour Champion Boat   2018 France

*European champion U15 in cable 2018 italia