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What to do in Martinique?

Carte Martinique

The Martinique

This island with many faces is full of unsuspected natural and cultural riches. The sun, present all year round, illuminates Martinique and its sugar cane fields which are used to make rum, the pride of Martinique. Beyond the postcard landscape lies Martinique, a land of history, where Amerindian, European and African cultures have left their mark.

Where to go in Martinique?

If there is one place to absolutely see, it is Sainte-Anne with its Salines beach which is considered the most beautiful. Its fine white sand, its turquoise waters edged with foam and its fringe of coconut trees make it a heavenly setting.


This part of the island is very popular with tourists. The many attractions of this little corner of paradise make it an unmissable place. Whether it’s nature, buildings, the sea, beaches, activities…

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Les Trois-Ilets

Les Trois-Ilets is a commune in Martinique, in the southwest on the Diamant peninsula. In the 17th century, settlers settled there and cultivated sugar cane. The culture quickly grew and sugar plantations became more and more numerous.

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coucher de soleil avec une vue entre terre et mer
Bateau plage martinique

Water activities

For your stay in Martinique, do you want to spend unforgettable moments? You need to know the water activities that Martinique has in store for you.

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Martinique, a true maritime crossroads. Martinique’s waters are home to a very diverse marine flora and fauna that delight scuba divers. During your dives, observe many species of tropical fish, beautiful gorgonians and coral reefs, sea turtles and even dolphins.

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