The beautiful days are coming and remind us of our summer memories. After a year full of confinements and curfews, what could be better than starting a new nautic activity to feel this sensation of freedom, of sliding, of letting to go ?

Who doesn’t dream of exploring alone, in duo or in a team on a sailboat in the middle of the immensity that the oceans, seas, lakes…

Sailing, a sport that stands out for its universality

Accessible to all, all year round, sailing can be practiced alone or in a team, in leisure as well as in competition. Athletic, fun and full of values, this practice challenges you by taking you out of your comfort zone. It’s the perfect combination of initiation, sliding and strong sensations.

The Vendée Globe, this historic competition!

sailing initiation

It was on November 26, 1989 that the French sailor Philippe Jeantot created the “Vendée Globe”, the largest single-handed sailing race around the world. An extraordinary competition, extremely difficult, where only the most experienced sailors take the start.

Human finds himself alone, facing himself, and has to face for several months the cold, the wind, the waves, the solitude… The concept is simple: a man or a woman on his sailboat to sail around the world, non-stop and without assistance.

Not all skippers reach the finish line, but all ccome out transformed by this adventure, which is based on simplicity, courage, solidarity and engagement. In addition, this unique race, which takes places every 4 years, honors universality and diversity.

Social trend, sport and especially sailing, is a source of values and wellness. In business, many managers rely on it for transmitting kindness, simplicity, courage and solidarity within their company. On their sailboat, people develop new skills and rediscover themselves in a different context. In business, many managers rely on it for transmitting kindness, simplicity, courage and solidarity within their company. On their sailboat, people develop new skills and rediscover themselves in a different context.

A practice that develops your physical and mental capacities

Often described as the school of life, sailing gives many virtues. While providing a physical and mental effort, each excursion is an opportunity to recharge your batteries by living unforgettable moments. When you return, you will always come back stronger. Between strong emotions, well-being and development of consciousness, sailing is an adventure not to be missed!


As with most sports, learning requires rigor and patience to successfully implement the necessary conditions.

Be careful not to go too fast, each step is important to be able to navigate safely.


You will improve your sense of responsibility by being in charge of your equipment, your sailboat and your teammates. If you share your adventures, you will deploy benevolence and team spirit.


As you learn to sail, your concentration will develop.
You need to be able to listen to the environment where you are evolving, to be able to anticipate the risks, to take the right decisions and to adapt.

Surpassing yourself

On a sailboat, you will push your limits, you will strengthen your mind to succeed in being familiar with the natural environment. You will learn not to rest on your achievements by trying to improve with each trip.

Environmental awareness

Depending on the person, ecology is a more or less important field.
Yet today, it’s imperative to realize the situation. Navigation is the best way to be aware of the ecological emergency.
In harmony with nature and the water that surrounds you, you will be forced to observe the damage.
It’s by facing the hard reality that consciences are awakened about our impact on the planet.
Especially since on a sailboat space is limited, it forces you to concentrate on the essentials by being minimalist.

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Beyond the development of all these skills that will help you in your daily life, sailing is also known to have therapeutic virtues at the same level as a yoga or pilates class !
The sea air will comfort your headaches while the beauty of the landscape will give you a feeling of wonder, escape, freedom.

sailing initiation

Passionate about sports and nature, are you looking for new horizons and challenges? You will surely find your happiness on a sailboat!

A sailing lesson to get started?

The Easter vacations seem to be the right time to do an initiation sailing camp. The weather is nice, there are few tourists and you will have the opportunity to share your new sailing skills with your friends and family this summer.

sailing initiation

To try sailing, book here.
You will find a nautical base which will ensure you an accompaniment and an acquisition of a solid maritime culture!

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sailing initiation

There are different activities: optimist, catamaran, … As well as other services depending on what you want and need !

For more informations: here.

Excerpt from a sea trip with the Bouzigues Yacht Club Sailing School

Enjoy a session or a youth internship with the Cercle de Voile du Cap Leucate

sailing initiation

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