Today we come back with an important topic to secure all his family by going on a holiday on a lake, and thus exercise watersports.

Lakeside safety

It is important to keep in mind the safety features when skiing, boating, wakeboarding and many other water activities.

Here are some basics you should already know:

Children under 13 must always wear a lifejacket on the water (boat or other). If you are on a boat, for safety reasons you must have enough vests depending on the number of people on the boat.
For the person who is practicing the aquatic activity. At least one person aboard the boat must monitor it.
Anyone under the age of 21 who plans to drive a boat. Must also take an online navigation course.
Some lakes apply the zero alcohol policy. Anyone who drives the boat is subject to the same rules as driving a car.
Learn about the weather. With Spotyride you have direct access to the weather of your spot. This is very important because if there is too much wind, depending on your practice, you will not be able to exercise.
These tips are basic tips for people on a boat and practitioners.

Let’s continue with the rules of safety to respect at the edge of a lake, practice of a water sport or not.

Informing loved ones that we are going on vacation
Check the weather as mentioned above
Always watch his children
Read the instructions
Check all the material that will be used and also make sure of its use
Here are some videos explaining the security to adopt during your holidays.


Hydroguids inform and sensitize risks at the edge of rivers and adopt a cautious attitude.

Lakeside safety

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