Located in the south of France, the city of Montpellier is surrounded by many spots ideal for kitesurfing.

What is kitesurfing ?

A crazy water sport that provides adrenaline and above all a lot of fun. It consists of being towed by a kite in order to slide on a body of water (with a board). The kite also offers the possibility to fly in the air while jumping, the time of a few seconds: thrills guaranteed! As a reminder, the “engine” element for the practice of water sports such as kite surfing is the wind.

Kitesurfing was officially patented in Brittany by the Legainioux brothers in 1984. Later, many local inventors and sportsmen from Languedoc-Roussillon took an interest in it and developed the equipment to make it even more efficient.

Femme kitesurf montpellier

Selfie of a kiter, © Sebastien Garat

Physical conditions to kite

Contrary to what one might think, kitesurfing does not require any particular physical conditions. Of course, good conditions will facilitate learning. Anyone can learn kitesurfing: women, men and children. In the latter case, in general, kitesurfing schools set a minimum age for practice, or failing that, a minimum required weight (to prevent your 30 kg child from flying away).

Kitesurfing is a feeling of freedom: the opportunity to connect a proximity with the elements and nature! Direction Montpellier and its surroundings to be invaded by the beauty of the sunny landscapes.

Why sailing in Montpellier

The Montpellier region, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is THE destination to learn and improve in sports such as kitesurfing! It is practiced all year round whatever your style of navigation: freeride, speed, freestyle or race.

You should know that each kite spot has its own peculiarities: whether it is more or less easy to access, frequented or not, or in terms of weather conditions.

On the one hand, Montpellier is ranked 4th among the sunniest cities in France with more than 300 days of sunshine per year (which will increase your chances of performing sunset sessions).

On the other hand, the coast gives way to very heterogeneous wind conditions depending on the spots and the weather: strong or lighter wind, rough seas or quieter and sunny climate! The region thus gathers the most famous places in the world for the practice of this nautical sport.

The wind on the spots around Montpellier breaks down into mistral, tramontane, marine, thermal and more rarely labech.

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Wind conditions in the south of France
sunset grau du roi

Sunset in Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelone

Kitesurfing events around Montpellier

Every year, the Festikite is held on the Prévost beach in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. On the programme: international competitions with the best riders in the world, kitesurfing fair with all the professionals in the sector, foodtrucks and entertainment.

In addition, many kite brands regularly organize kite test days on spots such as Port Camargue au Grau du Roi. This will allow you to test the latest innovations at the level of kite gear of your favorite brands.

The best kite spots in Montpellier

Montpellier is home to a multitude of kitesurf spots offering ideal wind conditions. Among the best known are the kite spots of Port Camargue in the Grau-du-Roi, but also the Grand-Travers spot in the Grande-Motte. Montpellier also offers the opportunity to sail in a pond surrounded by nature.

To do this, simply go to the Ingril pond near Frontignan (15min from Montpellier).
The map below lists the different spots to kite in Montpellier according to your kite level. The recommended kite spots: Ingril pond, Aresquiers beach, Villeneuve-lès-maguelone spot, Carnon,  grand-travers in La Grande Motte, Boucanet, Port camargue and the Espiguette spot, and finally the magnificent off-centre spot in Beauduc.

Spot map montpellier kitesurfing sea

Mapping kitesurf spots around Montpellier, © Spotyride

Head to Port Camargue to kite in the Grau-du-Roi

The spot of Port Camargue is a real landmark for lovers of kitesurfing in Montpellier! It is well sheltered behind long dikes, this spot has ideal sailing conditions throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to access, which will delight many of us (from June to September: parking is charged).

The spot is however not recommended for people starting kitesurfing. Indeed, the sailing conditions require a certain level of practice to be able to ride safely. If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of your time in Montpellier to admire the local champions who have come to train to pass new figures.
Beginners will then be advised to go to more «safe» spots towards Frontignan or La Grande Motte.

Zoom on the spot of Beauduc: ideal to learn kitesurfing

The Beauduc spot is lost in the middle of the Camargue. Although this spot is quite far from the other kite spots in Montpellier, it is worth a visit!

Indeed, it is the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing safely. It is a safe spot where you have foot! No real danger except the beach. In terms of wind conditions, the North, North-West or South-West orientations are top to learn and progress safely. For those who like waves, a slight chop is formed by west wind by mistral.

Namely: the kitesurf area is limited to the beach of the countess. You have to park your car in the central parking lot and walk on the beach to rig and take off your wing. The spot is located 1h30/2h from Montpellier.

Learn or improve in a kitesurf school in Montpellier

Kitesurfing classes in kite school allow you to learn the basics of the sport quite quickly (driving and safety).  In addition, you can also carry out refresher or discovery courses if you want to initiate yourself.
Some schools can take you by boat to reach less crowded beaches, inaccessible to motorists.

During Covid-19, kitesurfing was also a way to get away and change your mind:

Video: Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelone beach (accessible only on foot or by the sea)


Find your spot to learn or improve your kitesurfing around Montpellier

Find a kitesurf spot around Montpellier

Other nautical activities around Montpellier

All the spots mentioned are also favorable to the practice of the latest water sports with foil.
Kite schools have very quickly adopted in their program, the Wingfoil and sometimes even the kitefoil.

• The Wingfoil consists of handling a two-handed wing with a hydrofoil mounted on
a board.

• Kitefoil is a kite board with a foil attached to it. It can
be practiced with kites» socks» or wings» with caissons «.

• Lack of wind? You can also look to the Wakepark spots for more
wakeboarding around Montpellier.

Discover the Wakeboard spots around Montpellier!