The Spotyteam exposes you the 10 good reasons to start kitesurfing !

There are any more reasons, indeed do not hesitate to share your ideas on #spotyourride 🤙🏼 Kitesurfing 10 good reasons.

1. Hands down

Unlike what everyone thinks, kite surfing is quite easy to learn, much easier than sailing!

There are just a few key steps to follow :

  • first step : control the equipment on land (VERY IMPORTANT) !
  • Second step : fly a trainer kite to give you a taste of kiteboarding (on land or water)
  • Standing, sitting, sleeping initiations
  • Take off, water start, jumps
    Let’s go, you’re ready ! 1,2,3 GO

2. Relax after a hard day at work….

Nothing like water sports to relax. The kite provides you with unique sensations to relieve the stress and pressure accumulated during the day. You can clear your head for fresh start !

3. Join a community who shares your passion 

There are 50,000 kitesurfers in France and more than 200,000 worldwide. With the emergence of new technologies and collaborative models you can easily find a community that looks like you! In addition, kite surfing is an open sport that welcomes all new people 🌊

4. Features and more new features 

Since the begining, kiteboarding has only progressed ! With many innovations and innovators, sport is accessible to all. Today, the wing is very easy to handle and much lighter.

The IOT has also done wonders. Thanks to sensors you can monitored your performances in real time. Tools such as Bb Talkin’ allows you to communicate directly with the coach. Everything to improve and enjoy.

5. Get tan all year 

Pretty legs guaranteed ! Discover all the wonderful spots all over the world with Spotyride. Travel, discover, feel, live, share, love !

6. Travel to dream spots 

No need to say anything, just watch :

7. A sport with values

Mutual aid and friendliness are the values of kitesurfing. If you share this values, kitesurfing is made for you !

8. Convenient and inexpensive

Kitesurfing is not as expensive as we think ! In addition, the equipment is not cumbersome, so ride without worries !

9. Have fun and learn the whole year  

Kite surfing is one of the few activities that can be practiced a year. Surf schools are increasing all over the world. No more excuses, go to 👉🏻 Spotyride to find all the kite schools.

10. No excluded people 

Kite surfing is available for all, from 7 to 77 years old ! Stop the misconceptions where it is reserved for an elite. Louis Gomez can testify, he started kitesurfing at 78 years old. Today he can no longer do without ! Louis’ report below


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Kitesurfing 10 good reasons to start