Hawaiian Kai Lenny never lacks inspiration for new riding techniques !

It was during a foil session that the famous multi-talented surfer had the idea of bringing a small sail with him to better catch the wind. Kai decided to call his invention Wing Surfing.

For the little story : 

In reality, this invention does not really come from Kai…. It dates back to the 1980s with the Frenchman Roland LE BAIL who created the BIRDSAIL. He had even filed a patent for his invention, but never made a fortune… So that then his patent is recovered by the Finnish KiteWind. (watch out the video)


It can be said that Kai Lenny inspires water sports enthusiasts all over the world. Dmitry Evseev catches the wind in foil thanks to an umbrella on the spot of La Gaulette on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean !

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