Furious Products is an eco-designed clothing brand. Furious was created by a mother and her son, both passionate about extreme sports, nature and aware of environmental issues. The objective is to offer an alternative to the traditional fashion industry, in order to consume less but better. Indeed, the brand wants to popularize the pre-order system to put an end to overproduction which is contrary to its values : quality, fair price, respectful of the environment. We had the chance to meet Carole and Loris, founders of Furious, to learn more about their project.

Carole and Loris founders of Furious

How was the Furious project born ?

We created Furious because we are passionate about extreme sports. We always dressed in line with our passions and we always found that it was still quite expensive. Naturally, we started to look at what was possible to offer very good quality and durable products to all riders. By looking a little bit, we saw that pre-ordering was the ideal business model to combine sustainability, a fair and accessible price, and environmental responsibility.

How did you get to this eco-responsible approach ?

We wanted to offer an alternative to fast-fashion, which is very polluting in many ways. Already, overproduction is one of the biggest environmental negative points. It will be nice to create eco-designed products, with recyclable materials, eco-friendly processes, if behind them they are mass-produced, the impact of this approach is in fact reduced. So to overcome this, we use a pre-order system to produce only the necessary quantity. Thus, the products manufactured correspond to the demand and needs of the riders.

Eco-responsible approach Furious Unity

Are you going to sell all your products in pre-order ?

In fact, the pre-order solution is intrinsically linked to all of our values. Only the appropriate quantity is produced without having stock. Thus, we can eliminate all unnecessary costs and offer the fairest price. Pre-ordering allows us to ensure traceability and transparency. Our goal is to bring the best possible quality at the best price. For the UNITY Sweatshirt, which is made of 100% organic cotton, we work with a GOTS-certified workshop (Global Organic Textile Standard: the first organic label for textiles).

Production Schedule Unity Furious

Is this system not a brake for your customers ?

Of course the process is longer but it is essential and in the end it is just a habit to take. It also fits into the idea of creating durable products “which may take longer to get into our wardrobes but which will stay there much longer”. The products are unique because the collection is not permanent but only limited editions. By pre-ordering, the customer knows that he will have to wait. A way to avoid compulsive purchases and produce only those you need!!

Who are Furious products intended for ?

Basically, we were mainly targeting extreme sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. But we quickly realized that we attracted a clientele of all ages and sensitive to our values. Raising awareness of the problems caused by over-consumption, mass production is part of our action within Furious Products. By proposing a solution, by communicating with as many people as possible, we reach everyone sensitive to the environment and not just the riders.

Unity the anti-disposable hoodie

When did you start the project ?

The idea matured during the first confinement (spring/summer 2020). We had time to reflect and work on this project to concretize and structure as much as possible. The brand was officially launched in July 2021 with our cap Snapback Intemporel. We already knew we were going to make a sweatshirt which is our first “favorite product”. The cap is our first product to promote Furious Products. The cap sold out for pre-order. It is made from 100% organic cotton ! After the cap and the hoodie, we are of course planning to extend our range.

Where are you in the UNITY hoodie campaign ?

The campaign on Ulule was a real success. We have achieved our goal. Naturally, we have decided to extend pre-order on Spotyride until March 7 for a 100% Hérault partnership. At the end of this campaign, we will be able to launch production and then the delivery scheduled for mid-April.

Design and production of the Unity hoodie

Have you faced any issues due to the pandemic ?

So far, we haven’t had any issues. We were no longer on the first wave and the first confinement. The partner companies have become accustomed to working in this way. We were able to organize all our meetings by video, develop our products remotely. We received the prototypes and adjusted accordingly. With the pre-order system, we were able to anticipate and plan the fabric. On the transport side, a single order and a single shipment and therefore a controlled supply.

Distance traveled for a Unity Furious hoodie

What are your plans for the future ?

We are starting to work on a t-shirt for the 2022 season. And new projects in perspective that should please the riders and all your readers !!

Our project overall : to make known this alternative which is beneficial at all levels and to constantly try to find the best solution to really move forward in this good direction.

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