Animated by the fact of being able to accompany you and make you progress, discover through this interview Guillaume Pomès, former professional rider and water ski coach for more than 20 years.

In an intimate and unique place, close to nature, Camargue Paradise is the ideal place to combine skiing and well-being! Located in Aigues-Morte in the Domaine du Petit Chaumont, the lake offers you the possibility to practice several water activities: babyski, water skiing, towed buoys, mono ski, wakeboard, foil …

Guillaume Pomès

Come and meet this unique place and a coach who is 100% at your service!

Can you introduce yourself?

Guillaume Pomès, I am a water sport lover. Today, I have more than 20 years of experience in coaching water skiing in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter.

Are board sports a family affair?

I followed in the footsteps of my father, who bought the Camargue Paradise facilities at the time to train with my sister. We have always been seasonal, that is to say that we combined water skiing in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter..

Afterwards, I passed my state certificate and I started to work on the water alongside my father. This is where my passion for teaching came from.

Today, you are still a seasonal worker?

Yes, since I was a child, I have always been a seasonal worker and still am today. In the summer, I take care of the water park at Camargue Paradise and in the winter, I am an independent ski and snowboard instructor (attached to a structure) in the mountains.

That’s why it’s an advantage to work with Spotyride, because in winter, we have our second season and we don’t have time to prepare our communication for the next summer. 

As a seasonal worker, how did you experience the health crisis and in particular the first containment in March 2020?

At the time of the first lockdown, I was finishing my winter skiing season. We decided with my family to come to the south. So, I was very positive and personally it did me good.

Furthemore, I had the opportunity to take time for myself by doing personal development and to enjoy my children. So, I let go and tried to make this time positive.
I was fortunate to be in a nice setting by going to the lake to prepare for the season.

How was the 2020 season?

Top, people really wanted to ski, there was a real craze. It was very dynamic. Of course, I experienced a slight drop, but I keep the positive of this situation and this season despite the ups and downs. It is mainly the sport and the contact with nature that taught me and that helps me to take the positive in every situation.

In life, we tend to always want to anticipate, to want to do the best we can even if it means losing the value of the present moment. That year, I made the most of the present moment and made sure to adapt without being in control.

What did you do to adapt to the new health measures?

On a personal level, I used to tend to do everything quickly, now I try to be less in a hurry. For me, relationships are very important and this lake is above all a warm and welcoming place. We are fortunate to be an outdoor base, we have not been the most impacted. I had to put up posters concerning the sanitary rules to be respected and during the sessions, I could not take as many people on the boat as before to make people respect the proximity between them. This side was delicate, because I like to transmit and take people in the boat, but I found it pleasant to be able to concentrate only on the person to be coached. I like to be able to be there for the person and succeed in making them feel confident.

Did you feel supported during this period?

As a seasonal worker, we are often in a particular rhythm, there are positive and negative, but I realize that we do not take the time to surround ourselves well. So we lived it alone, but in a confident way.

How do you organize yourselves during the summer at the lake?

At the time the company was more developed but we wanted to return to 2 (Armelle and myself) to offer a more qualitative work. In terms of capacity, we are slightly limited but this is the way we feel most efficient.
From a logistical point of view, we are developing on the digital side thanks to Spotyride, especially with the management of reservations. The platform helps us to make the lake known to a larger number of people and to develop our clientele.

What is the major advantage of this water body?

I would say the infrastructure. There is a pontoon in the middle of the area with tables and deckchairs to relax and watch the people on the water. Beyond that, we have a restaurant that allows us to welcome people in a pleasant environment without them needing to do a nautical activity. Camargue Paradise is above all a place of well-being in Aigues-Mortes in the Domaine du Petit Chaumont. Moreover, it is also an added value for us, because it is a domain very appreciated by the tourists. We make wine, artisanal products and there are various land and water activities to discover.

I wish to preserve the intimacy and the richness of this setting while opening it up to as many people as possible. Many people don’t realize that there is a wakeboarding spot here.

Guillaum Pomès - Camargue Paradise

As we approach the peak season, how are you feeling?

I’m feeling good, I’m positive. I wanted to open a little earlier this year, unfortunately the weather didn’t help and we were blocked by government restrictions. Moreover, I was a little impatient because it slowed me down, but I stayed positive and I’m looking forward to the next part.

What’s new for this season?

What’s new is the development of the foil. I’m working on it this year to develop it and introduce people to it. The foil transports me, I feel like I’m flying over the water. It requires a certain predisposition to glide, but there are adaptations according to the level (Cf – Interview Manoa Pomès below). For the most initiated or those who do wing at sea, who like to surf, there is the possibility to stay in the wave of the boat.
After, from a personal point of view, I wish to continue to progress in personal development. Indeed, it helps me in my daily work.

In your job, what motivates you?

To transmit my passion, my knowledge and to try to help people progress. What motivates me is to bring pleasure, desire, and to feel useful in this respect. I love it because there is a psychological part. Finally, what I like is to be able to bring well-being to people through my professional activity. For me, it is essential!

On the other hand, what are the difficulties you may encounter?

(long hesitation) I would say, to try to be constant to maintain a profitability.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of the Spotyride solution?

For us, it is an advantage because it allows us to find new customers that we can keep. I think it’s a good idea and the platform is already well developed. I immediately wanted to believe in it!
Working with Spotyride allows me to stay focused on what I know how to do in the field. And on what I like the most.

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Water Ski - Wakeboard Activity

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