Surf At Surf School is a surf school in Portugal, on the west coast, near the beaches of Praia das Maçās and Praia Grande. We had the chance to meet Pedro Marques, a great lover of surfing and the sea, who founded Surf At Surf School with his childhood friend Gonçalo Cabral.

Can you introduce us to Surf At Surf School ?

We are 2 friends born and raised in Praia das Maçãs with a great passion for the sea since childhood. After our respective professional lives separated us, we finally found each other and decided to combine our passion for the waves and create the Surf at Surfschool project. As Confucius wrote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
This taste and knowledge of the sea and the sharing of experience have been the essence of the success of the project that began on June 1, 2013 in Praia das Maçãs.

Pedro Marques and Goncalo Cabral Surf Portugal

How was your Surf School created ?

At the beginning, the project was focused on tourism and we played an important role as a pillar of the local economy by attracting many tourists to our beaches. Despite the success of tourism, many children and young people from the region have started to take their first steps in surfing with us. Many of them still train regularly and have a passion for sport and the sea that makes us very proud. It has been fantastic to contribute to the physical and intellectual growth of many of our surfers.

What was your background/training to become a surf coach ?

We both started bodyboarding at the age of 10 and 12, and later moved on to surfing.

To create the school, we followed a surf coaching course at the University of Lusófona in order to become coaches certified by the FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation). Over time, the teaching process and the planning of school activities have constantly evolved according to the demands of the students and we have also evolved as a coach.

Coaching Surf at Surf School Portugal

What do you enjoy most about teaching surfing ? And what might be a problem sometimes ?

We seek the best solutions and conditions for our students, whether in the choice of equipment, locations or training plans …
This commitment that we want to reciprocate with all our students allows us to meet everyone’s needs so that each surfer enjoys each lesson, each wave and each experience in the sea.
All of this keeps the flame burning that drives us and allows us to wake up each day with the energy to do more and better…and still have time for us to catch some waves.

The only thing that can be more complicated is to adapt the activity according to the sea conditions which are sometimes capricious, but that’s part of the job !

What beaches do you surf on ?

Plage Surf at Surf school Portugal

Today the school has two centers, Praia das maçãs and Praia Grande, and is also licensed for the beaches of cascais and costa da Caparica, with regular lessons and training, surftrips and events throughout of the year. We have a team of young and dynamic coaches, perfectly identified with the philosophy and teaching method of Surf At.

What are the main advantages of your surf spots?

Our beaches in the Sintra area are beautiful, with good surfing conditions and not yet too crowded, making it easy to learn. We work to provide the best experience for all our students of all levels and ages by planning classes, equipment and coaches so that everyone feels good and gets the most out of every lesson.

Sunset Surf at Surf School Portugal

What do you want to pass on to your students ?

I like to promote the practice of sport in contact with nature, to transmit values of ecological awareness and to contribute in one way or another to the personal and sporting development of all our students. Of course always in a safe, fun and passionate way.

What level do you need to come surf with you ?

Community Surf at Surf School Portugal

Everyone is welcome ! We have classes and students of all ages and levels, from 5 to 70 and from complete beginners to performance surfers. Obviously the teaching varies according to the age and level of the surfer, but we have lessons adapted to everyone !

Can we surf all year round ? Are there preferred seasons ?

You can surf all year round with good conditions even if sometimes you have to look for an alternative beach. Summer is the most requested season, while September and October are quieter months. But we will make sure you surf in the best conditions all year round.

What kind of classes do you recommend for each level ? Private lessons, group lessons ? Which spot for each level ?

Our group lessons have a ratio of 5 students per coach, which makes the experience very personal and dedicated. For those who want more individual learning, private lessons will allow you to get more in-depth instruction. Our beaches have dynamic sandy bottoms, so the best conditions are dependent on the bottom and the tides, allowing us to adapt our times and beach selection to suit the conditions.

Fun lessons Surf At Surf School Portugal

Can you tell us about the Surf Trips, who can participate ?

Surf Trips are, in general, about finding world class waves, so the minimum level will be a high intermediate level.

Surf Trips Surf at surf School Portugal

What is your Surf Functional Training program ? To whom is it addressed ?

In addition to the training on the water, we offer a program more focused on the physical and technical development of the surfer.

It is very important to work on physical capacity and technical knowledge for those who wish to improve in a more efficient and faster way. They will be able to apply this teaching during their sessions at sea. They will have more awareness of technical movements, so more waves surfed.

You want to discover Portugal and surf with Surf at Surf School ?

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