Discover the beauty of the waters of Portugal on the surface and in depth with Portugal Dive. Thanks to their many qualified and specialized instructors, they offer you different circuits, each as spectacular as the next, as well as completely personalized dives.

Can you present PortugalDive and your team of instructors ?

We are a group of Portuguese divers who like to dive in the ocean, in lagoons, dams and caves. We are of the opinion that Portugal offers excellent conditions for diving in these places. We created Portugal Dive to share all this with our clients and friends. We are also a solid group of frequent divers: recreational and technical. That’s why we say “no one knows diving in Portugal better”. We help those who contact us to find the best dive spot according to their preferences. Together we plan the dive vacation program that best balances fantastic diving with other surface experiences.

Portugal Dive Crew in Azores Madeira

What are the major advantages of your dive spots ?

Diving in Portugal is in high demand as the conditions are ideal. But the biggest difference is in the choice of dive sites. We see with you your desires and desires to take you to the dive sites that will amaze you the most.

In your job, what excites you the most ? And what bothers you sometimes ?

What I like is being able to share what I love doing the most. Showing tourists how Portugal, the Azores and Madeira can be considered one of the best diving destinations.

The only negative point is not having time to dive as much as I would like.

What do you want to convey through your dives?

To make discover the beauty of the underwater environment, the richness that we find at the bottom of the sea, the abundant species of fish that swim with us when we dive, the flora and the rocky forms that we find. But even more, what we must all do to preserve this nature, by contributing in a modest but necessary way to the preservation of the oceans.

Portugal Dive Almonda

What level do you need to dive with PortugalDive ?

Portugal Dive has solutions for all divers, certified or not. We do diving baptisms, certifications in recreational diving up to the most advanced technical diving. Portugal Dive also trains divers at these different levels. We provide recreational and technical diving courses with PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI certifications.

How deep do you dive ?

Portugal Dive Mix Diving

We dive in mixed gas and full cave, we can dive in any open circuit or rebreather environment to a depth of 60 meters.

What is your favorite type of diving ?

I like diving in caves, for the proximity to the environment, and for the solitude that allows me to find myself. I also appreciate all the planning that goes into such more complex dives. In addition, the underwater caves are all different and always of unparalleled beauty.

What is your favorite diving spot ?

Undoubtedly the cave of the Almonda source. A cave in the mountains of Mira d’Aire, 90 minutes from Lisbon. I always discover new galleries and different itineraries each time I dive there.

Portugal Dive Almonda Mira d Aire

What is the diving tour that you recommend the most to someone who wants to discover the waters of Portugal ?

“Portugal from top to bottom” allows you to start diving in the north of Portugal on a U1277 submarine wreck, which is one of the most emblematic dive sites in mainland Portugal, to end in the Algarve in South. During 12 days of diving, you visit the most extraordinary places and dive in unforgettable sites.

What types of exploration do you offer ? Wrecks ? Marine flora ? Caving ? What types of fish can you see there ?

In this virtuous triangle: mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira, you can do and see just about everything underwater: wrecks, corals, rock formations, caves. You will also discover all kinds of animals: sharks, manta rays, huge whale sharks and other smaller specimens: conger eels, groupers, safias, moray eels, etc. and also all the fish you can normally eat in amazing and atypical meals in any restaurant when you come back to earth.

How is a “typical” stay with you ?

Our dive trips always include surface experiences because we want those who visit us to get to know our country better not only underwater but also on the surface. Then we tackle the deeper dives.

Portugal Dive Horse Creek Beach

Can we dive all year round or are there better periods ?

Yes ! In mainland Portugal and Madeira we dive all year round even on December 31st. In Sesimbra, 40 minutes south of Lisbon, we have a unique experience: the New Year’s Eve night dive.

Do you ever have clients who fear the depths and wish to overcome this fear ?

Portugal Dive with Friends

Sure ! We have a first experience on the surface which allows us to become familiar with the sea. If a certain fear persists, we remember that the most important thing is breathing and that everyone evolves at their own pace. In any case, you will be accompanied by a team of professionals. Once underwater, if you remember to breathe well, everything should go well and you can admire the beauty of the depths!

Without any experience, is it possible to do great dives ?

These are not “big dives”, because for non-certified people, the dives are very supervised and in a very controlled environment. But these are “great experiences” because they allow you to recognize the underwater environment and meet various marine species.

Do you need to bring your own equipment ? What can you provide?

We can provide all diving equipment and any configuration : dorsal, side, closed circuit or rebreather.

Want to discover Portugal by diving with Portugal Dive ?

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