Aurelie Godet is a 15-year-old French wakeboarder. She won the bronze medal at the World Wakeboard Championships, she is part of the French team and is supported (like Spotyride) by the Occitanie region !

Pictures : Franck Besson

This winter you were in Argentina for the World Championships. So, what did you think about the country ?

I really liked the spot and the ski lift, but we didn’t really visit Argentina itself (we only did cable – hotel trips). So from what I saw from Argentina: the people were nice, horses everywhere and a lot of greenery !

What is your opinion on the possible selection of wakeboard for the Olympic Games ?

I think that wakeboarding has evolved a lot since the last Olympics and that it could have its place among the 8 sports. In any case I would love to see the wakeboard there !

“I loved it; I love the atmosphere, the freedom, sensations…”

Since a while now, you’ve been practicing boat wakeboarding. What’s different with cable wakeboarding ?

Last year, I did an internship in Wakelagoona and another at Maxime Roux’ home before the French championships. This year, I plan to do more, I see more difference than similarity between the cable and the boat, in terms of tension, support and crashes.

Your best memory of 2018? A contest, a trip…

In 2018, I loved going to China with Louis Mistaudy for the World Cup. It was very short as we only stayed there for 5 days, but the organization was great and we were even able to visit Shanghai. The weather conditions were difficult with wind and rain on some days, but in the end I finished second and it was a very good result.

We’ve also seen you in kitesurfing lately. Can you tell us a few words about the practice of this sport ?

I live at 5 minutes from the sea, but kitesurfing had never really hooked me up and I didn’t like the wind. As I was trampolining with the MUC kite riders on Montpellier, Seb Garat asked me to come and try it. I loved it; I love the atmosphere, the freedom, sensations… When you meet someone on the water you say hello when you’ve never seen him and you can ride at the same time as your friends at 1 meter so it’s cool.

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