Located in the south of France, the surf spots in the Mediterranean hold many surprises. From the Occitanie region to the PACA region via Corsica, you will find many spots: for surfing and according to your desires!

Surfing in a few words?

Surfing is a water sport whose goal is to “dance” on the waves. Precisely, by balancing on a board, while being carried by the force of the wave. Technically and physically demanding, this sport is complete muscularly speaking. So his learning experience takes time and a lot of practice, as well as inevitable falls.

In this sport the engine is the energy that we generate by rowing at the start of the wave. Hence the importance of preparing well before taking the plunge.

Of Polynesian origin, this sport appeared in France in the 1950s. However, it did not become popular until the end of the 1970s and 1980s.

Of course, since then there have been many developments, whether in the events or the equipment making the sessions ever more efficient.

What are the prerequisites to practice this sport?

None, because there is something for all levels, whether having fun on the foam bars, or trying occasional sessions in the summer. However, good physical condition will allow you to unlock the levels more quickly. Above all, it’s not always easy to know the world of surfing and its specificities when you’re starting out . Indeed, depending on the nature of the spots there are differences in the way of surfing. Certainly, depending on the size of the swell, if it is more or less choppy or glassy (very clean), the effort given will not be the same.

The advantage with surf schools is that you are supervised and safe with qualified instructors. Therefore, you can start from 4 years old and over 70 years old.

On the Mediterranean coast, there is no shortage of spots and sun to accompany your sessions, which is why they are even more memorable.

This sport allows you to reconnect with nature and above all it is a good way to have a feeling of freedom.

By the way, why surf in the Mediterranean?

The entire Mediterranean coast is full of numerous spots and for all levels. This region allows you to learn in secure conditions, while progressing.

Moreover, it is practiced from September where there are the first maritime entries until April. But the peak of the season for the most favorable weather conditions is from October to March.

Indeed, there are sessions with diverse and varied conditions. The Blue Coast is full of spots with very different characteristics. Thus, there are spots that are more or less frequented and known whether by “word of mouth” or on the contrary, “secret spots” due to their difficulty of access.

Until recently, most thought that you couldn’t surf in “Med”, too flat, “a lake”, some said. But it’s wrong ! We know that today the number of practitioners continues to increase in this region of France. Attractive as much for its sensations as the connection with nature, this sport makes many people happy!

How to find weather information for surfing?

And are there surf schools in Med, near Montpellier?

Surfing in the Occitanie region

Within the Occitanie Region, there is today a real challenge for the development of surfing. This is possible, thanks to the Ligue Surf Sup Occitanie. Furthermore, it ensures the transmission of surfing values. As well as its culture and the missions communicated by the French Surfing Federation. Its main mission is to represent it at the federal level.

On the other hand, being an actor participating in the socio-economic development in the territory, it encourages the practice of this sport.

As a result, we can consider that there is a surf culture in Occitania. Firstly, with the clubs affiliated to the National Federation. Secondly, with the number of practitioners and licensees increasing.

Finally, thanks to a League present at the local level, training is now possible. Whose mission is to have volunteer instructors within the clubs, thanks to BIF surf or sup training.

In the same way, this will surely make it possible in some time to boost this practice with regional competitions.

*Sup: Stand Up Paddle

** BIF: Federal Initiator’s Certificate

Logo Région Occitanie
Logo Ligue Surf Occitanie

Surfing in Palavas-les-Flots

Palavas is now unmissable, one of the best surf spots in the Mediterranean! Indeed, Palavas les Flots is known by a large number of people, even outside the Occitanie region. However, this spot is less known for its surfing and yet…

Today, this one no longer has to prove itself. The number of year-round surfers continues to increase. So whether they are licensed or not, for the last 10 years the Palavasien spot has become the “new Biarritz”. Moreover, surf culture is very present today. Surf champion seeds are 100% Palavasian surfers!

That’s why you will see it for yourself, if you have the opportunity to go there out of season. The main “waiting period” takes place from the end of September to April. Always hoping to be able to surf in the best conditions. This spot welcomes surfers of all levels. From beginners, who move through the moss, to experienced players who perform radical maneuvers on the peak.

Palawaï Surf School

This surf school located near Montpellier, in Palavas les Flots, was created in 2012 by Clarence Létourneau. The school offers courses during the holidays, for children as well as adults. And this during all school holidays. It is located on one of the most famous spots in Palavas. It enjoys a good reputation for its safety and the quality of its waves all year round. The Palavasien beach break will offer you quality rights and lefts with waves reaching 1m50 and 2m when all the conditions are met.

Surfeur en train d'effectuer une manœuvre sur la vague

– Geographical location of Palavas-les-Flots

Niveau spot surf Palavas les Flots
Niveau du spot à Palavas

Surfing in Canet-en-Roussillon


This spot is also very well known for surfing in the Mediterranean, particularly on Bonnegrâce beach. When the mistral blows there is a fairly large gathering of surfers on the famous Brutal Beach spot.”

Furthermore, this club also guarantees quality thanks to its values:

May it be the pleasure of sharing good times in a sport practiced outdoors. Or respect, because in surfing there are priorities, like the highway code!

Surfeur en train de prendre de la vitesse sur la vague

Geographical location of Canet en Roussillon

Niveau spot Canet en Roussillon
Niveau spot surf à Canet en Roussillon

Surfing in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region

Recently, the PACA Surf League has continued to participate in the development of surfing in its territory. Indeed, in November 2022, there was the elective General Assembly to elect the new committee. This took place in Saint-Cyr Les Lecques, in the presence of the French Surfing Federation. Its goal is to boost the practice of surfing and its culture in the Southern region.

Moreover, this is what happened with recent sporting events, organized at the regional level. Indeed, we can think of the “Jonsen Island Néné Masters”, organized in December 2022 in the city of Bandol.

Similarly, on March 18, 2023, with the “Csouthern PACA shortboard hopeful championship”in La Ciotat. This was a qualifier for the French surfing championships. On the Mediterranean coast, this league is one step ahead of the federal competition calendar. Thus, she wishes to develop surfing in the Mediterranean at a good level, with a view to rising and participating in national competitions.

Consequently, the PACA surf committee is an actor who participates in the economic and sporting development of the region.

Finally, we also consider today that there is a surf culture in the South region. On the one hand, thanks to the clubs affiliated to the National Federation, which are numerous in this region. On the other hand, thanks to the number of practitioners and licensees which continues to increase. It is indeed possible to notice this with the annual competition calendars in this region.

Logo région sud PACA
Logo Comité régional surf PACA

Surfing in Six-Fours-les-Plages

Six-Fours Surf Club

It’s a beach break (sandy bottom), very pleasant for starting surfing. This beach is very extensive which gives a great impression of freedom! Choose autumn between October and December, as well as between February and May for the pretty waves. You can then hope to have climatic conditions suitable for surfing. It’s still more fun!

Moniteur surf six-fours surf club

Geographical location of Six-Fours

niveau spot Six-Fours
Niveau spot surf Six-Fours

Surfing in Villefranche-sur-Mer

Villefranche-sur-Mer, the place to be

This spot is located in the Maritime Alps, near Nice “yes, a great spot not to be confused with Brice de Nice”. Located in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, this spot is aimed at experienced surfers. In fact, there are powerful waves that can reach 2 to 3 meters when the wind is off-shore. Moreover, the currents are quite powerful, you have to make sure you have a certain level to jump into the water.

urf villefranche sur mer 2

– Geographical location of Villefranche-sur-Mer

Niveau spot à Villefranche sur Mer
Niveau spot surf Villefranche sur mer

Surfing in Marseille with

There is no shortage of surf spots in Marseille, as it is one of the best places for surfing in the Mediterranean. One of them, the Prado, is a beach break very well known to surfers, it is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

Also, the beach of Carro, which is not a beach break. The waves are powerful and quality. It is suitable for slightly more experienced surfers.

In addition, the spot of Verdon, sheltered from the wind. This allows you to learn surfing in milder conditions.

Finally, the beach of Sainte-Croix is easy to access.

Sardine Surfclub

This club has been a surfing association in Marseille since 1992. Today, it is involved in the development of surfing in the PACA region. His training is of quality, he trains young people and offers them the opportunity to participate in competitions and development with internships.

At the beginning of April, this club organized an open surfing competition on the Prado beach in Marseille.

The 13th wave

This surf school is open from September to June. Being a traveling school, surf lessons take place between Marseille and the Blue Coast. This offers 2-hour group courses all year round, including during school holidays, in order to progress more quickly.

In addition, it also offers courses for children as well as adults, often lasting one week. Finally, surf camps are offered in summer on the Atlantic coast, as well as in winter in Portugal and Morocco.

Moniteur de surf regardant ses élèves depuis la plage au coucher du soleil

Geographical location of Marseille

Niveau spot surf à Marseille
Niveau spot le Prado à Marseille

Surfing in La Ciotat

Gas Surf Center

This surf school was born from surfing enthusiasts. Gas means the “friendly fun of surfers”. Moreover, today this club is recognized for its high-level training. He actively participates in the development of surfing in the region, particularly with regional competitions. Young people from the club have also participated in the French surfing championship. The courses offered range from “discovery” to “expert” level.


Geographical location of La Ciotat

Niveau spot surf à La Ciotat
Niveau spot à La Ciotat

Surfing in Martigues

Lou Martegue Surf Club

This surf school is run by the city of Martigues. It’s a school that wants to pass on the ski culture from the youngest to the oldest! It also offers multi-sliding courses, surf camps, and also promotes handisurfing with the Dargent surfers association. Competitions are regularly organized thanks to the PACA regional surfing committee. In addition to surfing, paddle, yoga and other activities are offered.

Surfeur Manœuvre radicale sommet de la vague

Geographical location of Capo di Feno

Niveau spot surf à Martigues
Niveau spot Martigues

Surfing in Corsica

The Corsican surfing league was rehabilitated in May 2022. Moreover, the French Surfing Federation was present there to relaunch it. The development of surfing on a local scale has become a major issue. Including for competitions, in order to represent the island at the national level and surfing in the Mediterranean.

Thus, in July 2022 it organized the Corsican surfing championship, which had not been the case for a long time. In addition, clubs and practitioners will be able to be affiliated with the French Surfing Federation.

Consequently, they will have access to training (judges, supervision) and federal competitions, which are open again.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the Corsican Surf League is to have competitions registered on the League calendar to send representatives to the coast and this is already the case!

The Capo Surf Club

The surf school at Capo di Feno beach, near Ajaccio, was created in 2006. This club is helping to revive surfing on the island of beauty by being particularly dynamic. In particular, thanks to a partnership with the BASCS (Biarritz Association Surf Clubs).

This made it possible to carry out exchanges for the two clubs between Biarritz and the island of beauty. So there was the relaunch of the Corsican Surfing League. This is in charge of the development of surfing at the local level, including competitions at the regional level.

Moreover in July 2022, there were the Corsican surfing championships, an unprecedented revival for Corsican surfing and surfing in the Mediterranean.

Surfeur dans un tube au coucher du soleil en Corse

– Situation géographique de Capo di Feno

Niveau spot surf à Capo di Feno en Corse
Situation géographique aérienne de la plage de Capo di Feno

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