For Father’s Day you want to please your daddy rider with a gift that matches his personality?

Spotyride has prepared a short list of 10 gifts to tell that you love him:

1 – A beautiful knife

The Deejo French brand offers customizable knives. Easy to use and adopt, tattoo it as a tattoo on your arm. As effective as it is light, your father will never leave it. That’s true.

2 – A Lexon Waterproof speaker

Lexon’s minimalist waterproof speakers will seduce you. Between discretion and strong identity, they perfectly combine design and fun.

3 – A world map to scratch

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A traveling dad? Make him happy with a scratchable world map. The opportunity to recall memories of trips from all around the world and to hear secret stories !

4 – Sun protection for extreme sports

The Jeewin brand creates cosmetics adapted to extreme sports, and water sports. Take care of your dad and offer him a sunscreen that will also protect him during his surf sessions for example !

5 – A bio kit for the care of his beard

From combing the beard to nutrition and styling, the Big Red Beard Combs kit contains everything your bearded daddy needs to develop, maintain and wear a beautiful beard. And besides, it’s handmade !

6 – An inflatable footstool

For an after-session or days when he is watching you on the waterfront, give him an inflatable footstool. Easy to transport, easy to inflate and very comfortable, you can even customize it !

7 – An eco-friendly boardshort

Patagonia boardshorts are made from 91% recycled polyester and 9% recycled elastane. In addition to multiple colours and designs, the material does not burn out in the sun !

8 – A waterproof phone case

Allow him to use his phone or tablet in all conditions. Under the sun, under the rain, in the water, it is important to protect them. That’s why Case Proof offers a wide range of products to capture every moment.

9 – A sponge cotton poncho or sweet sock

The French brand offers many products made on the basis of sponge cotton. From poncho to slippers, enough to settle comfortably at the spot’s side after a good session !

10 – A 100% waterproof hydration bag

Take care of your daddy by making sure he’s well hydrated! Offer him a dolphin pack bag, the lightest and most practical on the market. The hydration bag will follow him on all his adventures on water or land, without clutter!

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Gift ideas for Father’s Day