This summer, the French water skiing championships will take place in Occitania, more precisely at the water skiing club Muret Clément Ader (31). 

A high-level championship

This event will gather the best French skiers in 3 different disciplines: Slalom, Figures and Jump, with all age categories. The championship will evolve in 3 times: from July 9 to 11, 2021 the French Championships of Relève and Para then from July 13 to 14, 2021 the French Open Championship. In addition, the French Federation of Water Ski and Wakeboard has recently decided to return to the format “Federal Week” to bring together all disciplines and thus promote the image of water skiing. The SNMCA, which is always active for the development of water skiing, is delighted to meet all these growing athletes.


SNMCA : a federal resource center…

It will be hosted by Arc-sur-Tille in 2020. And it is the Ski Nautique Muret Clément Ader club that will take charge of the organization of this event in 2021. The club and its 26 years of existence already has a great experience with the French water skiing championships. Indeed they have orchestrated them since 2019. The SNMCA is in permanent activity to develop water skiing since it hosts competitions as well as training courses for all levels. With its new boat “Method” and its facilities to international standards, one of the most important French water skiing centers that is ready for the French championship.


… that adapts to all.

The SNMCA is also open to all. It is located in the South of France, in Muret in Occitania. The club welcomes, from April to November, under a mild weather, any person over 4 years old. It offers several distinct activities for all levels: Slalom, Jump and Figure are part of the game, with an initiation for beginners. Babyskiing with a dedicated boat and handiskiing with its slalom to the standards of the Region are practicable at the club. The SNMCA’s openness and its associative side bring sharing, conviviality and gaiety to those who wish to practice within the club.


The disciplines of the Championship


The skier has to go around 6 buoys spread out on both sides of the boat’s passage channel to which he is linked by a rope. The objective of the discipline is to pass the most buoys with the least amount of rope. For the speed, it can go up to nearly 60 km/h (55 km/h for women and 58 km/h for men).


The skier has the right to two runs (20 seconds each) to perform his best tricks. Each trick is worth a different number of points, with the rope in hand or on the foot, over the waves or in the wake of the boat.


The skier performs an impressive jump that is only counted if it does not fall on landing.  The skier chooses the speed of the boat and is allowed 3 jumps to make the best possible performance.


The previous disciplines (Slalom, Figure and Jump) are grouped together and adapted to each person’s handicap. Moreover, the equipment is designed for the skier according to his morphology.

The Combined

It is the addition of the points corresponding to the performances in each of the three disciplines (Slalom, Figures, Jump). It is the most complete skiers who have reached their full maturity who take part. Combined is also a Para discipline.


Where: SNMCA, rue Louison Bobet 31600 Muret, Occitanie

When : Relèves 9-11th July, Para 10-11th July and Open 13-14th July

What : French Championship 2021 Relèves, Para and Open.

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Article realized with the help of Lorenzo Delpech. He is the member of the Club Ski Nautique Muret Clément Ader in Muret and of the FFSNW.