Overboat and Efoil

Overboat and Efoil are two recent and innovative nautical activities. Innovations that make it possible to fly over water in complete safety, while reducing pollution of the seas. As you will have understood, these new technologies for beginners, amateurs or even professionals, encompass the pleasure of skiing and respect for the environment.


The Efoil is designed and developed in France, the Efoil is an electric board that will allow you to fly on the water. No need for waves or wind, the PWRfoil replaces them. With an autonomy of about 90min for a classic battery, meet the power of this innovation and go for a ride on the water. With its different sizes of boards and fins, the Efoil is suitable for all sizes. Discover the services that Foil Sensation offers you and come and test this concept of gliding.

Tips for getting started in Efoil

To start in Efoil and successfully get on the board, the designer of PWR foil gives you some tips which break down into 3 steps.

At first, do a kneeling take-off to then better succeed in a standing take-off. Finally, he gives you tips for turns. You can find a complete and detailed video on how to start Efoil on youtube.

All you need to know about this electric board

Types of boards

There are 4 types of boards in different sizes, as well as different types of wings. These different sizes make it possible to adapt to all sizes as well as to offer different sensations when using the board. Indeed a smaller board will be more technical than a larger board which is generally dedicated to beginners because it offers greater stability.

Different designs are offered with different colors. There is also the possibility of making a custom board for those who wish. The boards are both light and strong thanks to different types of wood which will reinforce this solidity.

The Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker has been designed to ensure maximum safety for practitioners. The principle is simple, the system is placed on the top and the front of the board. A magnet connected to the board will activate the electric circuit of the board. This magnet is connected to a one meter leash which will be hung on the ankles or on the waist. This will therefore allow during the fall to disconnect the electrical system when the magnet will no longer be in contact with it. In addition, a protective cage placed on the propeller which prevents injury even if the circuit breaker allows it to stop.

Batteries and intuitive remote control

High-end quality batteries designed in France are used for the operation of the Efoils. A fast charge for an autonomy of approximately 90min on average for a conventional battery.

The remote control which mainly allows you to manage the speed of the foil is an ergonomic remote control. Designed for a pleasant and practical grip, the information screen and in front of you. As for the acceleration trigger is at the level of the index. The remote control is waterproof and a float leash attached to your wrist is a system that prevents loss of the controller.



You now know everything there is to know about the Efoil. Get started now to discover this activity that will leave you with sensations that you will not forget. Let yourself also be tempted by the Overboat, and now discover everything you need to know about this sliding innovation.🌊


In other words, the Overboat is an electric catamaran, also called the “water scooter”. A 100% electric boat with foils that make the boat fly, new sensations are to be discovered. In addition to being an innovation, this boat is ecological and silent. Indeed, the foils making the entire hull of the ship fly allow the total reduction of noise and reduce the energy consumed. A boat without a license and accessible to all, a seat one meter above the water and an average speed of 30km/h.

As you will have understood, this boat is based on a double idea. Total noise reduction as a first step to reduce pollution of the seas. The protection of fauna and flora has also been taken into account in this innovation because we all know that the noise of boat engines reduces the reproduction of marine living beings. This is when you can bring together entertainment and marine protection. The Overboat is therefore what is called a REVOLUTIONARY machine.

Multiple uses for the Overboat

The Overboat allows wide use for many users as individuals, rental companies or large accounts.

The use of this boat, accessible for all and according to all tastes with different choices of models. Neocean therefore allows rental companies and hoteliers the possibility of using their boats in order to meet the demanding expectations of customers. Institutions as well as yachting and private individuals also use the Overboat. The Overboat is also a very good surveillance tool at sea. Indeed, its stability, its seat one meter above the water and its comfortable seated position, makes it possible to monitor all accompanied nautical activities.



Now you want to know where to do one of these activities? Discover Foil sensation. SO ? Between the Efoil and the Overboat, which will you choose? 🌊

Where to practice these activities?

Foil sensation

In the heart of the seaside resort of Carnon, and in the heart of the beaches, discover Foil sensation. This nautical base offers Overboat and Efoil activities. Electric motorized navigation, silent and efficient. Meet the team who will introduce you to these two activities. You can also have more information at spotyride