To help families to prepare their next holidays, the Spotyteam offers you a second edition of the list of water sports and leisures that you can practice together.

By reading this article, you will certainly find the activity to book for this summer or for your next weekend. Thanks to this list, you will be able to introduce some people to a new sporting activity and allow others to improve.

Spotyride refers to the water bases and leisure facilities offering these activities, so you just have to visit the website or download the app to book activity, equipment and accommodation.

Water sports and activities to do with your family

Thanks to all spots on our website, you can enjoy relaxing moments with the family while being supervised by professionals, have fun and enjoy multi-activities. The outdoor sports activities allow you to take breathe and we enter the summer, so it is the perfect moment to enjoy it and fill up its thrills in the nature.

This nautical sport consists of evolving on the water thanks to a board towed by a kite, which propels you. It can be practiced in white water but also in calm waters, indeed, waves are not essential. Lagoons, seas, lakes, and others will be the perfect spots for your next session.

This water sport appeared in the early 70s, accompanied by the filing of numerous patents for airborne traction sails. In the early 2000s, the sport developed and took off. It may be suitable for young children from 8 years (depending on the size) but also for older, who will discover new sensations.

To find your kite spot and found your activity for the next days or week-ends : kitesurf spots.


This nautical activity consists of sliding on the waves (natural or artificial), while standing on a board. France is full of incredible spots and breaking waves, for example in Brittany, Corsica, the Basque Country or Normandy. The choice of the water body to practice its session is important.

Like the stand up paddle (SUP), surf was born in Hawaii in the 20s. There are various variations of surfing and several boards. Longboarding, bobydoard, tandem surfing, bodysurfing, skimboard, etc. This sport can be used for all generations, especially for children from the age of 3. For initiation, kneeling on the board can be a solution to have more balance.

To find spot, accommodation and equipment close to you :  surf spots.


This water sport is carried out on various types of water, using a combination of water skiing techniques and acrobatic figures, all while being towed by a motor boat.

It appeared in the early 1985s and experienced a strong development in the early 2000s. For the youngest, there are baby ski sessions to start.

To learn more about baby-skiing, we wrote a blog article: Baby ski, share your passion.

This initiation will allow the youngest to start wakeboarding safely. If you want to find a spot for this summer, it’s here: wakeboard spots.


Aquaparks are recreational facilities that usually include several water attractions such as swimming pools, trampolines and many others. There are also activities like surf, paddle boarding, water aerobics, pedal boats, games for children the towed buoy.

In the late 1977s, these parks developed strongly and today they can be found everywhere.

To find the spot you are looking for and enjoy an outdoor activity: aquapark.

These spots are perfect for a relaxing and fun moment with family, but also with friends. Fun and refreshing, you will find something to amuse young and old.


With Spotyride, booking water sports and activities have never been easier.

Whether for beginners or advanced, you will find the aquatic centre you need. You can benefit from individual but also collective lessons.

Finally, don’t forget your picnic (for spots that don’t have snacks) and sunscreen!

Good ride session to all.