Need sunscreen? A stick? Or a face cream?

All athletes, those who practice surfing or other water sports, seek these everyday products to protect and hydrate themselves. EQ accompanies you, ocean lovers who want cosmetic products that respect the environment. Because yes, when you practice water sports, you bathe with these products in the sea, the ocean, … thus polluting the water.

Explore EQ. The brand born in Biarritz which offers cosmetic products certified organic and made in France. Their philosophy? Respect man and nature in all its forms.

The beginning of EQ…

2011 marks the beginning of the beginning of the EQ brand. Franck Bywalski isa globe-trotter passionate about surfing. He was looking for innovative solutions for all riders.
Indeed, he wants to be able to reconcile the practice of water sports while respecting the places of practice. The beginning of a beautiful story.

In 2012, the creator met scientists and creators. This mixture will provide alternatives to existing products on the market. Besides :
– the first sunscreen limiting the impact on the marine environment
– the first non-toxic yoga mat
– the first patented earplugs with a Sympatex membrane

In addition to always and again offering innovative products that respect the environment as well as people, the designer does not stop there.
The EQ brand will support associations that protect the environment and educate future generations.

Today, EQ has more than 1,500 points of sale around the world and continues its mission every day to make the world a better place by preserving it, whether in France or abroad.

You can participate in this change by advocating their products.

surfeur sortant de l'eau

Products for every need

EQ offers many products:

  • sun creams

When you practice water sports, or also winter sports, you need to protect your skin against the sun. In addition, in the water, you do not necessarily have the impression but the reverberations of the water on your skin are very bad. In fact, water increases ultraviolet rays by 10 to 30%! It is therefore imperative to protect yourself. This also involves protecting water with these certified organic creams.
They are water resistant and offer you high protection against ultraviolet A and B rays.

  • sun sticks

To complete your protection against the sun, EQ offers you sun sticks. They are fun with their different color, so you can wear turquoise one day and raspberry the next!
A way to put color in your life and to be punchy!
Ten colors are available.
These sticks are 100% natural and they are SPF 50+.

  • face and body care

Once your skin is protected, don’t forget to moisturize it! EQ has thought of everything with milks, oils, gel creams and creams certified organic by Ecocert for your body and your face.
More than hydration, these products will soothe, cleanse, beautify your skin (depending on the desired product).
Products that are good for you and have gourmet and exotic scents.

  • hair care

Don’t forget your hair! After salt water and sun they also need care. EQ treatments will allow you to protect and repair them.

  • after-sun care

There is nothing better than a care after sun exposure. A range made up of: after-sun milk, nourishing oil and other moisturizing treatments, to take care of you in all circumstances.

Buy your favorite now on EQ.

produits EQ Love : stick solaire, crème solaire et soins sos apaisant

EQ: certified products

Choosing the EQ brand means choosing certified products:
1. Ecocert: allows organic products to be certified
2. Cosmebio: guarantees that the products meet the ethical and technical criteria of the Ecological and Organic Cosmetics Charter
3. PETA: a commitment to animals, meaning they contain no ingredients of animal origin

More than 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin with a maximum of ingredients from organic farming.

A commitment that does not stop there. Indeed, even the packaging is made of recyclable materials. And beyond that, EQ limits overpacking as much as possible by always finding ways to remove them.

labels et certifications de EQ Love

EQ is therefore a brand that has managed to find a balance between the riders’ lifestyle and respect for the environment. And finally, here is their motto: Live, Love, Care.