Go on an adventure of extraordinary spots

For beginners, it’s the perfect place to learn the sport. Many kitesurfing schools are waiting for you. Océan Vagabond, PK25, Dakhla Attitude, Dakhla Evasion, the lagoon of Dakhla is lined with many hotels with schools where you can stay while discovering the warm and traditional atmosphere of Morocco.

From the decor to the food, through the language and Gnawa music, let yourself be seduced by the Moroccan culture.

Dakhla and its spots

The spots in Dakhla are varied, there is something for everyone!

First of all, there is the lagoon, hosting the different kitesurf and windsurf schools. It is the opportunity to take lessons with qualified teachers and in complete safety, thanks to the many rescue boats on the spot. You will also have the possibility ofcan also rent material and equipment.

For freestyle lovers as well as for people who want to enjoy a unique sliding sensation, discover the Speed Spot. Located in the south of the lagoon, on the eastern shore, it makes the reputation of Dakhla. At low tide, it is a large flat water area that is created with incredible wind conditions.

kitesurf and wingsurf Dakhla

You can leave the lagoon to the speed spot in down wind and return in up wind. Be careful, we advise you not to go to the speed spot during high tide because it becomes a real mess.

You like waves?
Dakhla also offers wave spots for surfers and strap less fans. The two spots not to be missed are Lassarga and Pointe d’Or. The particularity of these is that they are located on the ocean side so you can enjoy beautiful waves.

If you stay on the lagoon, you are 30 minutes away from Lassarga! In addition to the discovery of the spot, you can discover the village of fishermen.

waves in Dakhla

Unusual spots!

Surf in an idyllic setting and enjoy breathtaking views

The White dune or “Dune Blanche”, at high tide, offers you the possibility to ride in a turquoise and flat water. It is a lagoon that forms in the hollow of the dune. A spot not to be missed!

Let yourself be carried by the wind during the down wind organized by different Kitesurf schools. It is the occasion to go along the famous Dragon Island when going to the white dune. And to avoid jealousy, beginners will be able to ride on the boat in charge of the group.

Another exceptional spot is the “jardiland”. Like the Dune Blanche it is accessible at low tide. It is the Dreamkite center which organizes specifically this excursion, so get in touch with them to discover this spot. The spot is super flat and the frame is very photogenic thanks to the high grass that composes it. It’s a real garden!

unusual spots

Other activities in Dakhla

The Sahara desert has many other surprises in store for you. Dakhla is a magnificent destination with various activities for an unforgettable stay: horseback riding, dromedary, buggy, trekking, fishing.
On windless days, you can take advantage of the lagoon’s water level to go paddling and canoeing. And for wakeboarding enthusiasts, the Dakhla attitude hotel propose a cable park.

Visit to do!

A hot water massage at the Asmaa spring: it’s worth the detour! 
About ten kilometers from the lagoon is the Asmaa hot spring. Naturally sulphurous, it conceals multiple therapeutic virtues in particular the treatment of certain diseases of mycosis, warts, other skin diseases and some respiratory disorders. It would have a considerable effect on rheumatism.

The Talhamar or “chez guida” is the oyster farm of the lagoon. Enjoy the place and taste fresh oysters just and seafood. In the shade of the straw huts and in front of a decor that changes with the tides, you will taste delicious mixed tagines (mussels, oysters, octopus, razor clams,…) or generous fish platters with grilled vegetables.

The fauna and flora of Dakhla are spectacular. You will discover a Saharan landscape with fine sand dunes, bright blue sky and the southern sun. If you are lucky, you will meet flamingos and herds of camels.

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