Covid-19, nautical activities, prohibited, closed structures, by prefectural decree in FRANCE …

COVID-19 “Don’t go out to sea! Staying at home is saving lives. “ This concerns the practice of all water sports.

Despite the total confinement, several inhabitants of the French coasts have defied the ban on going out to practice water sports while still taking advantage of their New Free Time.


Ticket of 135 €

Since the entry of the strong measures announced by Emmanuel Macron, Monday March 16, 2020 , the first checks have taken place. The first contacts were intended to be educational but since this Wednesday March 18 2020non-compliance with confinement measures may be penalized by a violation of € 135 and which may amount to € 375 .

The good weather helps the practice of nautical sports but the current pandemic prohibits all activities on the water. Patrols of two cops inspect the places of practice and different wild spots or often meet the most recalcitrant, these riders are called rather “rebels” …

More risks in the supermarket!

It’s true practicing nautical activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking is no more dangerous than going shopping at the super market because as most of the practitioners say, “ we respect the safety distances of more than 1 meter put between us “and it is true that in surfing to be less than one meter from each other when you catch the wave is almost unthinkable, and this is even more true in Kitesurfing given the problems associated with the wing …

Photo Olivier Abautret

We know it itches, but

“At sea and ashore, these provisions are intended to actively combat the spread of Covid-19 by restricting all movement. They also allow to preserve the means of rescue at sea to dedicate them more specifically to health interventions linked to the epidemic in progress.

We hope for a resumption of aquatic and underwater nautical activities as soon as possible, and the only way to get there early is to stop this pandemic by respecting as best as we can the confinement instructions, then the faster way we will to win the war against COVID-19 the faster we will be back on the water

A single instruction “STAY AT HOME” and do as SEB with videos of ride of your bathroom, your sofa or your balcony!


Good luck to all

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