Béziers Méditerranée is the essential destination for practicing nautical and river activities. The agglomeration is located in the department of Hérault, in Occitanie. It includes many municipalities including: Béziers, Valras-Plage, Sérignan, Sauvian, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers… With its canals, its river and its fine sandy beaches, lovers of water sports and yachting will find what they are looking for.

Here there is a wide variety of water activities, ranging from canoeing and paddle to boat trips and >jet ski. The canals of Béziers also offer unique experiences, such as sailing on the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Come and discover the nautical activities that are just waiting for you.

Explore Béziers Méditerranée: the best water activities

Discover the underwater wonders of Béziers

les côtés de la mer à béziers, eaux et roches

⸻ Béziers

GPES Languedoc Roussillon in Béziers is a diving club that will delight lovers of thrills and underwater discovery. With qualified and passionate instructors, GPES Languedoc Roussillon is the ideal choice for an unforgettable diving experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, the Béziers diving club offers outings adapted to all levels. For example, for the little ones, the instructors offer baptisms for children, from 8 years old, so that they can discover this nautical activity.

GPES Languedoc Roussillon also offers more technical training for those who wish to improve in this discipline. You will thus be able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain your level 1, 2 or 3.

Béziers Méditerranée is renowned for the richness of its underwater fauna and flora, as well as for its exceptional dive sites. With GPES Languedoc Roussillon, you can explore these wonders and enjoy a unique diving experience.

So, if you want to explore the Mediterranean seabed, discover fascinating aquatic species and immerse yourself in a world under -breathtaking sailor: join the GPES Languedoc Roussillon diving club.

Canoeing and kayaking on the Orb

⸻ Béziers

Are you looking for an original nautical activity in Béziers? Do not miss the opportunity to go canoeing with Smile Kayak. This local spot offers you to paddle on the famous Canal du Midi. A unique nautical activity that allows you to discover the magnificent landscapes that border the canal.

personnes qui pagaient en stand up paddle ou en canoë-kayak à béziers

Canoeing in Béziers offers you many advantages. First of all, you choose where you want to go, if you want to take breaks, … Then, it allows you to explore the places that are remote with places that are normally only accessible by boat.
The canal is home to monuments and historical places such as:

  • the 9 locks of Fonseranes
  • the Orb canal bridge
  • Malpas Tunnel

The spot offers unusual activities such as a treasure hunt, for those who wish to paddle while doing a treasure hunt. You take a game case with you and let’s explore!

Canoeing trips are perfect for families with children. These are fun activities, easy to learn and perfect for relaxing.

Whether you are a couple, family or friends, you will spend an unforgettable moment discovering the Canal du Midi in a different way.

Rent yours and get away from it all.

Dive into an experience of total freedom with freediving and spearfishing

Chasse Apnée Littoral Biterrois

⸻ Sérignan

Are you looking for a unique experience at sea? In this nautical and river destination there is a “Chasse Apnée Littoral Biterrois” club to practice spearfishing and apnea!

Spearfishing is a water sport that consists of swimming while snorkeling to fish for marine species.

A sport challenging that takes practice but is rewarding when you manage to catch your first fish! The club allows you to mix your passion with others and together, practice spearfishing. It also allows you to discover the different animal species that exist.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the Biterrois coastline is the ideal setting for exploring the seabed and discovering the richness of underwater life. With Chasse Apnée Littoral Biterrois, you can live an unforgettable experience practicing spearfishing, supervised by a team of passionate and experienced professionals.

In addition, CALB is a more than a club, by becoming a member, you have access to:

  • at the swimming pool slots
  • at the tuna tank
  • at club outings
  • training to become a freediving instructor or to go spearfishing

So don’t hesitate any longer, come and discover the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean with Chasse Apnée Littoral Biterrois in Béziers!< /a>

Private a boat for all your events

⸻ Béziers

With the mild weather and the beauty of the landscapes of Béziers: why not celebrate your events aboard a boat?

le bateau Capitan qui appartien aux bateaux du soleil à béziers, qui propose une croisière en bateau pour 140 personnes

The boats of the sun reserves you the best welcome for:

  • birthday, cousin
  • work meeting
  • wedding

These walks combine discovery of the surrounding towns, heritage and moments of conviviality. All year round, the boat can accommodate 140 people for outings and 110 people for catering. With its large bay windows, they offer a view spectacular over the Canal du Midi. For your comfort, the boat has air conditioning and heating, so you can have fun whatever the weather!

Speakers, microphone, meeting room, choice of meal… customize your event as you wish.

You can also opt for the other routes of the boats of the sun such as the paella cruise or the moonlight evening

Book now and plan your next event!

Sleep aboard a barge…

péniche carabosse naviguant sur le canal du midi et étant entouré d'arbres
⸻ Béziers

Do you want to spend a weekend or experience a different holiday in Béziers Méditerranée, this nautical and river destination? Here is the Péniche Carabosse association. With them, you can stay in their traditional 30m long barge, equipped for 30 passengers.

Find in this barge, all the necessary amenities for a great trip:

  • a large room for activities and a built-in terrace sheltered from the wind
  • a dormitory and two cabins sleeping 6
  • a kitchen, showers, toilets, etc.

Three members of the crew will accompany you throughout your trip. With them, you will discover the barge until you are introduced to certain handling. They will tell the whole history of the canal as well as the regional heritage. And they will concoct you good dishes with southern accents!

During this trip, you will have to make stages in different cities: Agde, Vias-Plage… and Béziers.

Cultural visits, time to relax, fishing, pétanque, swimming, …Here is all you can do during your stay. You will also have the opportunity to take part in the evenings organized by the villages where you will stop.

Come and live a unique and unforgettable experience while staying on the Carabosse barge.