Bethany Hamilton is a legend of Surfing in the World. This surfer who lost an arm to a 14-foot tiger shark at only 13 years old in the waves of Kauai, Hawaii. Nothing stops the Surfer who got back on her surfboard one year after the accident.

This determination has been a great inspiration for millions of surfers around the world, both amateur and professional. Kelly Slater is one of them and that’s why he wanted to invite Bethany, her husband Adam and their son Tobias to Surf Ranch.

Bethany Hamilton is unstoppable, and that’s the title of her new film. Now 28 years old, after the Soul Surfer film, the documentary promises to present the real Bethany, adult version.

“I don’t feel like I’m unstoppable, but a lot of aspects of my life maybe look that way. And even if we stumble or fall or move on from different challenges or things we’re trying to accomplish in our life, just to live in an unstoppable way is a message I hope to portray.” – Bethany Hamilton

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