Antoine Auriol, world kitesurfing champion and ambassador of ecology, is a fan of extraordinary sessions!
After his sessions in the heart of Manhattan (New York), in front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris), in the Retiro Park (Madrid), he is back for his new video “OCRE”.
It is in France at Gargas in the Luberon, in the largest ochre quarry in the world, that Antoine has has just achieved another magical session.

Filmed by Christoph Schwaiger, a director involved in ecology.

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Antoine Auriol

The video story :

Since my kitesurfing session “RED”, I have dreamt of kitesurfing on colored waters, and to understand the reason of these colors. During my researches, I discovered this splendid ocher quarry. So I contacted the company “Ocres de France” a few mo     nths ago, to know if the wind was blowing there from time to time! Stephanie Anglès, the manager immediately helped me and gave me all the information I needed: “when the wind Mistral blows on Marseille, it blows over here!”
Stéphanie gave me the green light to carry out this project, because of the fact that kitesurfing in these decantation ponds doesn’t damage the purity of ocher pigments.