World tour of Surf Wave Pool !

What do the world’s wave pools look like from space? Take a tour of every surf-able pool in the world. With help of Google Earth and terabytes of stock footage, we circumnavigated a virtual globe and looped each shreddy wave tub together in this special video edit. And yes, once we posted images to our Instagram the flat-earthers came out in force…

The World of Surf pool

List Of the wave pool  in this Video

Source : Wavepoolmag

More About Wave pools

The artificial waves will push the surf industry into a new wave of growth. Sport will now be accessible to a larger number of consumers. A new generation of surfers, more urban. But also, this innovation will allow experienced surfers to surf more, on better waves.

From the point of view of surf brands, wavepools will be an opportunity to establish themselves closer to spots. In response to a saturated market in areas such as Biarritz or Malibu…

Everything you need to know about wavepools HERE

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